You Can’t Blackmail Southern Kaduna, SOKAPU Tells el-Rufai

The Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) has said that no matter what their state governor is planning, he can’t blackmail the people of the area as being violent.
el-Rufai was quoted to have said in Kafanchan that the Southern Kaduna People are a difficult people that are violent in nature and prone to cyclical violence every four years.

The governor was also quoted to have said that the Southern Kaduna people have refuse to give peace a chance adding that the religious, traditional and political leaders in the area do not like him; which was the reason foreign investors will not be attracted to make investments in our region even though he (el-Rufai) carried out projects of over N2 billion in Southern Kaduna.

But reacting to the allegations made by el-Rufai, SOKAPU said it is disturbed by the above assertions from the mouth of the governor.
“What the governor has done is nothing but to pour scorn and insult on us as a people and to reiterate his bête noir against our people,” a statement issued by the SOKAPU’s National Public Relation Officer, Mr Yakubu Kuzamani, said.
“We are disturbed by his description of our people as difficult and violence-prone and that violence in Southern Kaduna is cyclical,” the statement said adding that even though el-Rufai knew that the people of Southern Kaduna are hospitable, added that it is important it reiterate that Southern Kaduna people are inherently a peaceful and hospitable people.
“So, why is the governor adorning us with the cloak and false toga of violence that belongs to the terrorists that were paid compensation by his government? Is there another round of violence at the corner that the government knows? We hope the dog is not being given a bad tag in advance in other to hang it,” SOKAPU said.
While urging the people to be vigilant against premeditated violence from any quarters, SOKAPU called on the Federal Government to increase vigilance and security in Southern Kaduna, particularly, between now and the electioneering period.
“We in Southern Kaduna are resolved to make, ensure and continuously keep the peace in Southern Kaduna through all available legal means. Let our people frustrate the devices of merchants of violence against our land and our people. Calling us and describing us with false epithets of “violence” does not and should not change our peaceful disposition as a people. We know who we are.”



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