WORLD SEAFARERS DAY: Maritime Expert, Caleb Danladi Bako Seeks Better Working Condition For Seafarers


As the world marks seaferer day, a maritime expert, Mr Caleb Danladi Bako has called on stakeholders in the industry to put in place, effective implementation and compliance of standard working conditions for seafarers in the country .

He made the disclosure at the celebration of the 2017 world seafarer
day in Abuja with the theme: “Celebration Is Seafarers Matter.”
Danladi who highlighted the segment of maritime industry that need urgent attention, added that security threats, shortage of seafarers, poor living condition and social welfare are some of the challenges seafarers encounter at sea.

He also reteirates the need for proper training among the professionals adding that since the world is changing, there are new development in the field the practitioners need to learn.

“There is need for orientation and development that will make the Nigerian sea fearers to be at par with global practices,“ Danladi said nothing that the New Maritime Labour Convention Regime (MLC) address most of the present challenges.
He said if MLC principles are adopted, there would be adequate and improved living condition for the members in the country.
Danladi who is a master mariner further noted that the seafarers profession is paramount to the economical and political growth of the country.
“Seafarers go to sea not just for the shipping industry or for the interest of earning a living and career development; but for the benefit of all citizens. Over 90 percent of the world’s trade is carried by sea and it is, by far, the most cost-effective way to move massive goods and raw materials around the world” Danladi added .
According to the marine expert, the seafarers day is meant to highlight the importance of seafarers career and also to encourage the younger generation to engage in the career path.

The day of the seafarers celebration was established in a resolution adopted by the 2010 Diplomatic Conference in Manila to adopt the revised STCW Convention. Its stated purpose is to recognize the unique contribution made by seafarers from all over the world to international seaborne trade, the world economy and civil society as a whole. Day of seafarers was first celebrated in 2011.



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