Woman Kills Husband Over Rape Attempt

A 19-year-old Noura Hussein has been sentenced to death for killing her husband in self-defence when he was trying to rape her.
According to Noura, it was the second time the man wanted to forced himself on her.

Noura, who has gotten a death sentence, according to her testimony, her husband successfully raped her the first time, by getting his cousins to pin her down whilst he raped her.

But Amnesty International is calling on the Sudanese authority to release Noura, saying that the man was killed out of self defence.
“Marital rape, is still rape,” said Deputy Regional Director East Africa, Horn of Africa and Great Lakes Region of Amnesty International, Seif Magango.

Amnesty told Elanza News that when Noura Hussein was just 16, she was married against her will.
“Her father and new husband signed a marriage contract and when Noura finished high school in April 2017, she was forced to move into his home.”

“She’d been unwilling to consummate a marriage that she never wanted – so he forced her to. Noura is not a criminal. She acted in self-defence against her abuser. When she told her family what had happened her family immediately took her to the police and disowned her.”

“The death penalty is cruel, inhuman and degrading. At Amnesty, we strongly condemn the decision of the Sudanese court to sentence Noura to the death penalty. Rape victims deserve support, not death. And we need your urgent support now,” the statement said.



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