What you need to know about Kwoi earth tremor, by Andrew Umaru Augustine


Alot called it vibrations, some called it shaking and many Girgiza. You are all forgiven for a direct expression of what you felt/experienced but this is what it is (A TECTONIC TREMOR). Relax there is no cause for alarm but the terrifying truth is that seismic stations worldwide are recording strong earthquakes on daily basis. Every month the earth is shaken by approximately 80,000 earthquakes at a rate of two earthquakes in a minute, meaning that there is an earthquake taking place right now “Not in Kwoi” but somewhere in d world. Recently seismologist discovered and are studying a new type of seismic signal called tectonic tremor which is less hazardous than an earthquake and occurs at greater depths (This is what Kwoi and it environs are experiencing right now).
Deep tectonic tremor is relatively a weak shaking of the earth surface that last for minutes to as long as weeks and is experienced mostly in subduction zones or lines of faults.

Kwoi Earth Tremor: SEMA, Geologists take samples, releases findings soon

These subduction zones are areas where one tectonic plate move under another tectonic plate through which it facilitates such movement. Considering the above discussion i can argue that
1. Both tremor an earthquake have the same causes

2. The tremor experienced in Kwoi is a result of the relative movement on fault surface’s ( A result of the motion of tectonic plate)

3. The tectonic tremor may continue for days and even weeks in Kwoi

4. Residents should take precaution by staying clear the tensions lines (cracks already created by the tremor)

5. Now is the time to test the genuineness of our so called survey satellite which was launched during the government of Obasonjo (we pray it is still functioning)

6. The state government should make available seismic instruments to monitor the hazard ( potential disaster)

7.Residents and bloggers should stop telling the world that it was an earthquake because it is only a tectonic tremor which is 16th of its kind experienced in Nigeria since 1933 (warri) and may never result to an earthquake.

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