Weights And Measures Will Generates 20bn Annually – Sidi

The deputy director in the federal ministry of industry, trade and
investments, Engr. Mohammad Sada Sidi has disclosed plans by federal
government to restructure the ministry in a bid to improve service and
boost revenue.

Sidi made this disclosure while addressing Weights and Measures
inspectors at their 1st quarterly assembly yesterday in Abuja.

“This meeting can be built as a complementary activity to Mr
President’s Initiatives; it’s a well-known part that the weights and
measures are playing a very major role to the enhancement of the
economics development of this country. In any country weights and
measure is an international affair” He said.
“Economy is all about trade activities, and it can be translated to be
buying and selling, so if you cannot measure what you have, then you
cannot manage it. But unfortunately it didn’t received the required
attention by the government for quite long ago until this
administration came in”
“We also happy that the Senate is proposing to the executive that
Weights and Measures must be upgrade to an agency not a department” he added.

According to Sidi, this is part of the three resolutions made by the
Senate with a view to repositioning the ministry. Other resolutions
taken include empowerment of Weights and Measures department and
amendment of its establishment Act.
He further said that the ministry as well and the department are
lacking so much to function according to its capacity and potentials,
we lack equipment, mobility, logistics and training as well as
inspectors all over the country. If we were provided with the relevant
material we should have generated 20 billion naira revenue annually
compared to the 400 million we did last year.

The deputy director also informed the inspectors of a presidential
committee on Nigerian export supervision scheme sets up to among other
things audit the activities of the department. ELANZANEWS.M



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