We Can Achieve Nigeria Of Our Dreams- Presidential Hopeful


A presidential hopeful, Iheanacho Ezeakor has said that all the lofty dreams of Nigeria can be achieved with determinations by the leaders.

According to Ezeakor, Nigerians can make the country great if the youth takes the lead in leadership.
Ezeakor stated this while speaking at a Youth Summit held at Top View Hotel in Abuja on Thursday.
“Enough is enough,” Ezeakor declared, adding that the youths in Nigeria have all it takes  to lead this nation, but unfortunately they are not given the opportunity.”
He called on the youth to rise up and take their destinies in their hands.
“Our youths are excelling in other countries, why can’t they excel here?”
Mr Iheanacho, who decried how the old brigade continue to be recycled, said ”there is a song that the young shall grow, but it appears our young ones are not growing in this nation. Since independence, the governance of Nigeria has been revolving around some sets of faces. This trend must stop. During every political campaign, year in, year out, politicians keep promising good roads, light, water, etc, to enable them get votes. Yet, we don’t have all these basic amenities unlike what is happening in Singapore, Malaysia and other developed nations”.
Also speaking at the summit, one Alhaji Haruna Wasiri, from Kaduna State also lamented that the governance of Nigeria has been rotating around  a particular group of people since independence.
Wasiri called on the youths to support any young person with ideas and direction for Nigeria to run for the presidency in 2019.
”At the summit held at Enugu and Lagos recently, we the youths have made our decision known, that Iheanachor will be supported to run for the 2019 presidency,” he said.
“We still stand by our decision, because we have continued to observe that he has vision to make this county great again. The issue of giving our graduates a token at the end of the month is something that we must do away with in Nigeria. It is working in other countries and has helped curb rate of crimes.  It can work in our nation too,” he opined.



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