Viewpoint: Where Is Southern Kaduna After APC’s 2014 Gotcha?

They invaded the region in a commando style. Most politicians in Southern Kaduna failed prey because of the disaffection they had with the then government.
Some were not satisfy with the circumstances that brought another government following the demised of Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa.
Others just wanted a change believing their status and way of life will become better, an action that exposes the people of Southern Kaduna to ridicule.
The APC Chieftains, in their calculations, study some of the weak points of the then government and hammered on it to get into political office.
Kagoro hall, one of the sacred places of meetings of the prominent sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna, a place early christian missionaries help in its civility after Kwoi, was the venue they use to ‘cajoled’ sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna most of whom had served in the top echelon of the Nigerian military and other establishments.
Prominent among the people that invaded Kagoro and defiled the influence of the PDP in Southern Kaduna is President Muhammadu Buhari.
As a military general, Buhari hammered on the issue of killings of locals in Southern Kaduna. Himself and the current Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai, even called on the government to arrest the killers of Southern Kaduna people.
After getting to power, over three years down the line, Buhari has not visited the area till date, not even in the midst of the 2016/2017 killings of about 800 people the Catholic Diocese of Kafanchan documented.
el-Rufai in his part, viewed anyone that talk about the killings in Southern Kaduna and other part of the state as an enemy. He demonstrated that by calling the victims, ‘crisis entrepreneurs.’
He wanted to maintain a favourable image even in the midst of the killings he was ‘incapable’ of taming. He even announced paying foreign herdsmen to stop the killings but left the victims to their faith. Not even an IDP camp was set-up for the bereft and the displaced Southern Kaduna people as we saw in Benue, Zamfara, Plateau and other states that suffered similar calamity.
At a live Radio programme, el-Rufai used unprintable comments on women that pelted his convoy for inability of the government to stop the unprovoked killings of their spouses, parents and children.
During the 2014 gotcha, the then APC Chieftains recruited well respected citizens of the area as well as former military governor of the state, Col. Jaáfaru Isa.
Other prominent sons of the middle belt – Sen Solomon Ewuga, governor Tanko Umaru Al-Makuru, former chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Ibrahim Iko, and several others were brought to Southern Kaduna. Apart from the sons of the soil, non deemed it fit to visit Southern Kaduna during the killings.
Before the gotcha, the sharing formula in Kaduna State has been that – if the governor comes from the Northern part, the speaker mostly come from the central while the office of the deputy governor, SSG, Minister and most at times, the Head of Service come from the Southern part of the State.
The present government, after succeeding on the gotcha, refused to honour the sharing formula and resort to mocking the political class and the non-partisans in the area.
el-Rufai, without making reference to an empirical data, told Channel Television during an investment summit that Christians only constitutes 30 percent of the people of Kaduna State, an assertion most people including those from the Northern part dispelled.
The governor, according to unconfirmed reports, said without Southern Kaduna he can win a re-election. This is contrary to the indices of the governorship election results in Kaduna State from 1999, which placed Southern Kaduna as the deciding factor for who win the election. The votes of the region has always come in bloc since 1999 except during the last general election – 2015.
Unconfirmed reports also has it that the incumbent governor is mulling a Muslim- Muslim ticket in 2019 election, judging from his religious population comment. This, even though the governor has such discretion, is already making some politicians that cares about the unity of the state to start shifting to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
As the 2019 general elections approaches, another plan has started. They are to downgrade political parties, professionals, individual and distract the minds of the people from assessing the characters of the actors seeking re-election.
In political forum, they will assert PDP did nothing to Southern Kaduna, yet, they spent three years cursing the political class of the area for standing by their people during the killings.
Without mentioning meaningful projects executed in Southern Kaduna in the last three years, they will forget they are yet to register their presence in the area when it comes to development. No project with impact has been flagged off and commissioned by the present government in the last three years in Southern Kaduna.
But they will keep promising heaven and earth, forgetting the smoothest road they plied from Kaduna town to Kafanchan, connecting to Jos, Plateau state was build by a PDP led government within a year.
They forgot that the rural roads and electric projects that leads to there houses and spread across Southern Kaduna communities was build during the PDP led government. They are yet to commence a foundation of that nature in the last three years. They are even unhappy that the PDP office sharing formula produced Ministers, head of government parastatal, ambassadors, among others in Southern Kaduna.
They forgot that the sharing formula, gave the people of the area a sense of belonging and a sense of togetherness – unlike the ‘you must follow me’ syndrome being experience.
Elanza News won’t want to belief some politicians in the ruling APC from the Southern part of Kaduna State are ready to be willing tools. They work hard but get little in return.
The APC members from the Southern part of Kaduna State broke the jinx by ensuring they got four members in the Kaduna State House of Assembly and a House of Representatives seat for the first time since 1999.
Realising how they were bamboozled, some of the lawmakers and party faithful are now leaving the APC. Southern Kaduna politicians must realise it is time to work against the enemies of the region that won’t loose anything if the unity of the state is fragile.
2019 elections is another opportunity for all politicians to work for the interest of the majority of Kaduna people, Southern Kaduna and it’s survival.



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