UNICEF Seeks Partnership For Research, Knowledge Sharing With UDUS


The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) yesterday entered into a research and knowledge sharing partnership agreement with Usman Dan Fodiyo University Sokoto.

Making the partnership intention known during a courtesy call on the University management before signing the agreement, Sokoto UNICEF Chief Field Officer, Mouhuiddin Mohammed said, UNICEF has practical experience on education, health, sanitation amongst others which they are ready to share for human development globally.

According to Mouhiuddin, UNICEF is entering into collaboration with the Institution to use their expertise, research and surveys in determining cause of action.

“UNICEF want to share practical experience with the University on how best we can positively impact on the academic life of the institution. UNICEF want to collaborate and use the institutions expertise to improve on series of the research been conducted by the institution.

While advising on the need for an update on the country’s higher institution curriculum to reflect on the current realities of Nigeria, Sokoto UNICEF Chief of Field Officer, Mouhiuddin Mohammed said, the time for a review has come.

“Until and unless there is clearly spelt out result oriented evidence based research, no donor would want to bring money”.

Responding, UDUS Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdullahi Zuru said they appreciate UNICEF for having extended such hand of friendship to the institution.

“Ordinarily, we should be the one looking for an organisation like UNICEF, however, the Chief of Field Officer and his team went on to extend their hands of friendship to us.

“There is no gain saying, UNICEF has both global experience as well as global reach. And that is what we stand to benefit as an institution” said Prof. Abdullahi Zuru



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