Turn Herdsmen Challenges To Opportunities, Emefiele Tells States

The governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele has called on states in the country to turn the current challenges created by herdsmen into opportunities that will make the country self sufficient in milk and other cattle produncts.

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony of Greenfield Integrated Poultry and Powderized Egg facility in Emure-Ile, Akure in Ondo state yesterday, Emefiele said the country has opportunities that ought to be tapped into as he commended Ondo state for its investment initiatives.

“Ondo state has thousands of hectares of lands where Chief Awolowo had a ranch in those days.

I understand the facilities are still there, so what does
it take.

It is just to contain the herds in a particular spot, provide them with water, provide green grass and fatten the cows and take the milk from them and we will now use the opportunity to force those who believe we can continue to import milk into this county that no, we can also produce milk in our country.

“We will need the support of state governments so that we can have ranches.” Noting that Ondo is one of the states being looked at along with Kano, Kaduna, Niger and Kogi states which he said “have indicated interest that those herds can come to their locations and that we can turn the hardship into opportunities.”

Commending the Ondo state governor, he said investments in the states, which include the Integrated Poultry Facility by Greenfield Assets Limited, would not have been possible if the State Government had not played an active role in mitigating potential bottlenecks that could have deterred investors.

Emefiele stated that agriculture can still be used as a key
catalyst forcreating jobs, reducing unemployment and driving growth in Nigeria.

Noting that the 2003, ban on importation of chickens served as a major fillip for the poultry industry, he said “today, some analysts have put the Nigerian poultry industry to be worth about N1.2 trillion, comprising about 165 million birds, which produces over 650,000 Metric Tonnes of eggs and 290,000 Metric Tonnes of poultry, making Nigeria the largest producer of eggs in Africa.

“Despite this huge success in the subsector, statistics from Eurostat, however highlight that between 2009 and 2011, over three million Metric Tonnes of poultry products were imported into the Republic of Benin, and eventually smuggled into Nigeria. This means that despite the huge domestic production, we are still far behind meeting our local consumption needs for poultry products.” On his part, the governor of Ondo state, Rotimi Akeredolu said the state is embarking on an industrial drive
that would help cut back the unemployment figures and imports. On the Greenfield Integrated Poultry and Powderized Egg facility, he said the facility will see eggs from the small holder poultry farms that would have been spoilt taken off them. With an estimated value of N42 billion he said the facility is set to achieve production of 10 million broilers per annum. “Egg powderization plant of 500,000 eggs per day capacity which will be up to one million as we go ahead. 100 million eggs per annum, 400,000 layers per annum poultry processing plant with capacity of 2000 birds per hour, we can imagine what is
coming here.”



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