Transparency: el-Rufai Dribble Nigerians With Pay Slips- NASS

Nasir Elrufai

Lampoon him over Southern Kaduna killings

The House of representatives, on Tuesday, also presented the pay slip of its Speaker, Yakubu Dogara as previously done by Kaduna state governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai who launched an onslaught on the transparency of the National Assembly.
Speaker Yakubu Dogara had during a defence on the el-Rufai’s outburst in Kaduna said: “I will like to challenge him (El-rufai) to CHAMPION this cause for transparency in the budgetary process from the National Assembly to OTHER ARMS OF GOVERNMENT. The JUDICIARY first. We want to see clearly how Chief Executives of States (GOVERNORS)… how they are paid. What do they spend monthly as SECURITY VOTES. And if they can publish what happens to LOCAL GOVERNMENT FUNDS under their jurisdictions. That will help our discussion going forward.”
But el-Rufai on Monday, presented his salaries, the Kaduna state security vote and hardship allowances pay slips but could not disclose his personal security votes and the local government spending.
But in response to Mr el-Rufai, the spokesman of the House of Representatives, Hon Abdulrazak Namdas said the Kaduna State Governor chose to give headings of its budget on security related matters.
“Maybe he will give further details of actual security expenditures at the appropriate time,” Namdas said.
The house of representatives also lampooned el-Rufai for poor handling of the killings in Southern Kaduna and urged him to concentrate on the governance of Kaduna state instead of undermining the National Assembly.
“He (elrufai) claimed that the State’s accounts have been audited. No grounds have been broken here. The response by the Kaduna State Governor completely missed the point. Mr. Speaker’s call was for El-Rufai to extend the campaign for openness and transparency to other arms of government, including the Governors’ expenditures on security votes and Local Government funds. He merely doubled down on his campaign on National Assembly Budget leaving out the other aspects of Mr. Speaker’s request,” Namdas said.


“The Kaduna State Governor claimed that “in 2016, the National Assembly budget for its 469 members was larger than the entire budget of several Nigerian States”.
“This statement is patently misleading and a terrible display of ignorance and falsehood or a deliberate attempt to blackmail the parliament. For the avoidance of doubt, the National Assembly budget includes the salaries, allowances, expenditure and running cost of 469 members. It includes the salaries, allowances of about 3,000 Legislative Aides; it includes the salaries, allowances, equipment and maintenance of about 5000 staff in the Bureaucracy of the National Assembly. The National Assembly has agencies too. The National Assembly Service Commission has a staff strength of about 500. The National Institute for Legislative Studies is also a parastatal of the National Assembly that serves as a legislative think-tank and a highly rated academic institution, which serves not only the National Assembly but also State Houses of Assembly and the international community. It is currently building its headquarters which is world class. It has to be funded. El-Rufai’s mischievous publication carefully ignores the fact that the Bureaucracy of National Assembly and its agencies and 469 members need travel and transport support.”
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