This animal Farm,lies between longitude 30 degree North and 55 degree South.
Although some animals have been incorporated into this animal farm for expatiation.
Mr.Jones was onced in charge of the farm where the animals were subjected to him,even though he ensured that they fed well and he deem it fit not to spill the blood of any animal in the farm for personal gain.
There are three animals in the FARM that were great force to be reckoned with,regarding the so called freedom from HUMAN(Mr.Jones)
These animals that were on the forefront includes, Napoleon,Snowbell and Idiot.
With all the effort put in by the Idiot for fighting Mr.Jones,today the Idiot is nothing,but zero behind decimal point while Snowball is nothing to write home about,but a willing tool in the hands of Napoleon.
After singing the song titled,”BEAST OF ENGLAND”,by calling for freedom from human,from the so called slavery.
They fought Mr. Jones,day and night,body and soul to ensure that they gain their own freedom as animals.
They succeeded in gaining their freedom sooner than expected from HUMANS.
After they(animals) gain their freedom ,they made some resolution such as;
(1)No animal shall kill any animal.
(2)No animal shall wear cloth.
(3)All animals are equal.
Napoleon is more MECHANICAL in thinking while Snowball is LOGICAL in thinking,both of them hardly agree with each other.
Napoleon was able to get rid of Snowball so that he can exercise his power with no restraint.
As a result of Napoleon being the king in the animal farm,strange,callous and scandalous things are happening.
In Napoleon time,animals that are supposed to feed on grasses and fruits have gone to the extend of swallowing millions of cash,in these case,Snake,Monkey and Grass cutter were not left out.
Imagine that Napoleon that was once seen as a god king in the ANIMAL FARM by some animals was one time sent out of the FARM by RATS.
Napoleon have become even worst than his predecessor.
Squealer is always ready to justify anything that Napoleon does no matter how evil it’s in the animal FARM.
Boxer(Horse) have a maxim,which says,”Napoleon is always right”,but it was rather unfortunate in my own very eyes when Boxer fall ill because his kidney fail him.
Boxer was loyal to Napoleon,but his loyalty count for nothing since Napoleon did not know of his existence,it was in my eyes that he(Boxer) fall below the ground.
Napoleon will not hesitate to send his dogs to pull down any Jupiter that talk against him.
As far as Napoleon is concern,he value cow and calf more than other animals in the FARM.
With the help of Buffalo,Napoleon is able to make cow more sacred than ever before,such that they can do and undo with no one to question their authority,least he face same fate.
The Pigs have also hijack the farm,making Napoleon more of a figure head.
The Minimus are also not left out,they have also encourage Napoleon and to them,he is a god king.
Anaconda and Python have the legitimacy to killed other animals,other than the cow and calf.
In fact,Tortoise in the animal farm have the ability to control Napoleon at will.
The Elephant have publicly told and is still telling the animals in the farm that(Napoleon) do not have anything good to offer as the king of the farm,that the animals should no longer advocate their support to the seemingly king of the animal farm.
The Hippopotamus have came out to tell the animals in the farm to take their destiny in their own hands.
Others wise,they will all go to extinction.
The LION from the WEST have consistently criticises Napoleon of which Napoleon was able to sent him behind BARS using his dogs,but one good thing about the LION from the WEST is that he can not be intimidated.
Although,the LION from the WEST later secured his freedom and have remain unrepented.
Aside the evil that have befall the animals in the farm as a result of Napoleon being the king, the animals are still facing untold hardship while he (Napoleon)still leave in the midst of plenty,he has insisted that he want to still remain the king.
He is still telling the animals in the farm not to loose hope in him even though he has refused to listen to the majority of the animals in the FARM,of course as the saying goes,” those that do not listen to others deserved not to be listen to”.
Napoleon have the intention to change the name,”ANIMAL FARM”,to the name called,”MANOR FARM”,Napoleon have to be stop by all means necessary,least the animals in the farm are doomed.
Napoleon,also accused the duckings of being lazy of which the statement did not go down well with the ducking,the moonshine of Napoleon is getting out of hand.



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