The minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed has

disclosed that the introduction of Google map in the country has boost tourism, as well as reduce travel time by an average of eight percent.

This is even as the Minister noted that the introduction of Google

digital map has reduced travel time, which has made the country save nearly N200 billion a year.

Speaking during the launch of the Economic Value of Geospatial

Services in Abuja, Alhaji Mohammed, who commended the laudable

initiative by Google, said the ability to simply search for a location and get real-time directions there has made the lives of the people much more convenient.

“As we look to make Nigeria a major tourism destination in Africa,

technologies such as Google Maps, but more specifically Street View

put forward by Google, will become increasingly important on that

front. We hope to see even more value as increasing numbers of people use tools like Google Street View to explore Nigeria,” he said.

Alhaji Mohammed said geospatial technology will not only benefit local users but that it is also a veritable tool that can also be incredibly powerful in drawing tourists to the country.

“We know this because we’ve seen the impact that StreetView has had in destinations around Africa. In South Africa, for instance, people can take a guided tour of Robben Island, the prison which held Nelson Mandela and many other South African freedom fighters during apartheid.

“In Kenya, meanwhile, users can take virtual treks through some of the country’s most famous game reserves. And in Tanzania, people can get up close and personal with the chimpanzees of Gombe National Park, thanks to a partnership between Google and the Jane Goodall foundation.

“These are all examples of how giving people a taste of a place they have not visited is a powerful incentive to get them to experience the real thing. We look forward to doing the same in Nigeria, as we show off our own natural and cultural heritage,” he said.



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