Been a leader is not good enough to have you as an epitome of a political change in any given society. But your ability to stand in the gap for the people that voted you as a leader is what matters.

The train of change need people that can pave way politically to portray their true leadership qualities in our present politics. Our society have all this to corp with due to in ability for our leaders to stand the test of time in their political pursuit. Change is not just a name but is an action in it self. as a leader there are inherent qualities bestow for leaders to tap in order to have direction to bring the change that we need as a nation. However, having a complete mind set on your direction as a leader still depend on your capabilities to be seeing by the people that voted you to power. The quality of a good political leader is just like a mirror that people see to reflect back to themselves seeing such a man as a visionary political man.

Our nation has what it takes to be where we can be through our leaders, only if we look indept within us to pick the right leaders that can represent us in respective of their religion, tribe or polical affiliations that cut across our nation. It is clear enough, we have leaders that have distinqush themselves presently which stand as a plus to their political career. Yes we need change but we must be ready to look inward to become a true polical watch dogs of the people that can bring the change by voting leaders that are ready for change in themselves and to extend it to our various communities.
We need to embrace change positively not by adding pains on lives without result in our agenda. mean while, our terming youths should have something doing to reduce crime rate which is alarming in our society. Government must be ready to face this challenges as they come which mean all hands must be on deck to solve this problems including the man on the street we must support the government and let government make policies that can bring investors in our country to create jobs to move the country forward. Change is possible and visible but it must start from an individual touching lives directly or indirectly but we must stand as a nation to support the change in its true self.



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