Jesse David

Climatically, the political weather of Kaduna state is experiencing ‘Heavy cloud, No rain’ as the polity is gradually being heated up, in preparation and anticipation of 2019. Daily, those who are been fatten by the system are wishing and praying earnestly that they should have this moment for life and forever. Yet again, the masses that have in the past two years, been through hell and back, are left with great regrets over their actions and inactions of 11th April 2015, which brought the Governor. Nasiru Ahmed El-rufai led government to power.

Our reality, to those who have cared to notice, they will be aware by now that in the last two years in Kaduna state, the government has consciously and unconsciously been procreating an army of aggrieved population in the state. World Happiness Index Report of 2017 has placed Nigeria 95th in the world, this position expose us to the bitter reality that millions of Nigerians are indeed not happy, and their reasons for not being happy is not far-fetched, from the government’s failure to protect and guarantee the security and welfare of its citizens, coupled with their inhuman policies, that have been bearing fruits of pain, suffering, and tears. If a further research was conducted to ascertain which state in Nigeria ranks first in the nation happiness index, certainly Kaduna state will be occupying positions towards the tail end, the self-styled leadership and policies of Governor Nasiru El-rufai has indeed thrown many of Kaduna states indigenes into the dungeon of depression, frustration and are indeed aggrieved.

In Kaduna state, the lists of aggrieved person’s have been on a steady increase lately.

First, the civil servants who were forcefully detached from the system through the instrumentality of endless screening and verification exercise, then the unpaid local government works and teachers, also the displaced people of Alhudda-hudda residents in Zaria, then our indigenous Kaduna base contractors and consultants, whom have been frustrated and suffocated out of the system, leaving contract executions to be done by Lagos ‘Big-boys’ contractors who are more favoured and considered, not forgetting the members of our local communities and villages in southern Kaduna, Chikun and Birinin Gwari axis who have been under siege, killed, mayhem, kidnapped and raped by men of the underworld, who the government claimed to have compensated. Not forgetting the over 3,000 sacked District and Village heads, justify this sack by the government was that it was aimed at reducing governments cost, and also not forgetting the ever growing population of the Shiite Islamic movement, who were declared as an illegal group by the Kaduna state government, for holding on to their religious beliefs and ideology, then also the increasing number of political friends cum enemies, who were used and dumped, like pads soaked with blood and were publicly stripped naked by the government; the likes of Hakeem Baba Ahmed, Mr. Tom Maitamaki Maiyashi, Hon. Inuwa Abdulkadir, Alhaji Ahmed Tijanni Ramalan and of recent the highly respected Legal luminary Professor. Yusuf Dankofa and if you care to know their wrongs was commenting on issues that they felt were not in any way done right and even went as far as recommending to the government on the possible way to redress and amend it ways, then lastly the media, whose men are the agent of the fourth estate of the realm have been subjected and ridiculed as criminal, if your pen bleeds against the gross incompetence of the government you will surely be having a date with the police and possibly earn a room in detention unit of Kaduna prisons, for expressing your thoughts and views, which are parts of your fundamental right as a citizen of Nigeria.
Obviously, the APC party structure and apparatus has been hijacked, pocketed and controlled by the ‘APC Government House’ in Kaduna state, well-meaning leaders who have clarity of vision and purpose, blessed with nobility and charisma to lead for the interest of all, should as a matter of urgency, rally round this ever increasing population of aggrieved individuals in the state, so they may get their blessings and support to clinch into power and free our people from the shackles of captivity and use the instrumentality of unity and struggle to displace these leaders who have made us more hopeless and aggrieved. For those who are against the government, are greater and higher that those that are with the government.



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