DATE:   12TH JULY, 2017


The journey started out at a good time and it was led by Mrs. Patience Dodo in company of 9 women, 2 camera men and 3 drivers. By the grace of God we were able to get a bus and two Hilux trucks from Mummy Shekari, Mummy Ambi (who also gave 5  bags of salt), and Rahilah Benedict respectively.
We were able to carry a good number of food stuff – Palm oil , groundnut oil , Tom brown for children ,Sugar, tomatoe puree , matches ,  washing soap, kitchen utensils and clothings . God answered our prayers, there was no rain until every item was dropped at the last village visited.

Godogodo Experience:
We got there at a good time and we met with our contact persons . There was a  massive turn out of women, men and children all around where our vehicle was parked. We were then told it is best to go to the church premises so that the items can be easily distributed.
We were taken round the village by the youth leader,  and some few individuals from the village to the houses that were destroyed and families affected from the havoc carried out by the Fulani men.
A lot of destruction was carried out in the village, people were killed, houses burnt down and their farmland all destroyed, There was virtually no house/compound that wasn’t affected by the destruction. Families lost wives, husbands, mothers, brothers and children but the people of Godogodo are obviously very resilient people  and are rebuilding and roofing their homes each compound we entered had a story to tell of what happened that faithful day.

Their stories
The attack started around 5pm in the evening and the Fulais  came in their hundreds, surrounding the entire village with guns. Every compound we entered had a sad story to tell of the people they lost that day and how the rest of them survived. There was one story which moved most of us to tears as it was a very pathetic one. The compound which happened to be one of the first we entered was the house where a pregnant woman was killed. This woman was pregnant with twin!!!!They came in from Abuja the day the incident took place not knowing what was happening in the village. These Fulani men attacked their home, met the woman and her mother inlaw hiding in one of the rooms, they told the woman to push and give birth but she kept begging them and telling them she couldn’t push because it is not yet her delivery time. They then told her they are going to show her how she will deliver, they shot her and then cut her stomach open, removed her twin babies,  cut the babies into pieces, lay them on her chest and set her ablaze . We were taken to the room the whole incident took place and you can still smell the horrific experience in the room, the bullet holes on the wall are still visible and the blood stains from their terrible act is still on the floor. This was one of the stories that stood out

Yes even though they are rebuilding their homes and their lives, they have no food. Their farmlands have been destroyed, all their crops destroyed and they can’t go to their farms because they are afraid of getting killed.

The most annoying and scariest thing of all is that these same Fulani men are still living in Godogodo , their houses are located close to the affected community. In fact one of the government primary school in the community is located after the Fulani settlement. Meaning their children have to pass by the Fulani community every day to go to school . ( most parents are not willing to send thrir children to be slaughtered. )The Fulani’s are still there, the people are not doing anything about them, obviously the government is not doing anything to help them and they are living in fear every day because nobody knows when they will attack again.

With the help of a woman leader in the village, we were able to drop off the items we brought to the church where it will be distributed to different churches and they in turn will share it to their members that were affected. Mrs. Patience Dodo addressed them, she told them who we are and the purpose of our visit. She further told them about our cooperative group and how we intend to help them out when the time comes.

Ninte Experience:
Ninte is the second community we visited. It looked as if all the houses were burnt .  Ninte is about 20 minute drive from Godogodo village, the road to the village was a challenge, they had a small wooden bridge which look as if it will give under the weight of the cars but  to the glory of God our Hilux and bus were able to cross over. The land however is very fertile which good vegetation, good for planting so many crops. The village is a small community, a lot of destruction were carried out there.
You could see the hunger in their eyes!!!! These people are hungry. Imagine having beautiful vegetation but you can’t farm or plant anything because of beign killed by the herds men .
The children have been out of school since the attack took place. Their school was vandalized, the roofing sheets and doors  stolen by the Fulani men and the teachers living outside the community stopped coming to school for obvious reasons.

Their stories
The village head gave us a brief story of how the incident took place and what led to the attack. It all started when a young man was attacked in the farm. He was taken to the hospital but couldn’t make it. The village head took the case to the police station and pleaded with them to come assist in calming the situation down as youths were already agitated but all the police told him was they have no fuel in their vehicle to come down to the village. Unfortunately before the village head got back to the village which was around 9pm, the youths had already attacked the Fulani community. Some days after, the Fulani retaliated and attacked the whole village. They stole their roofing sheets, doors and windows, burnt down their homes and destroyed their farms.

We dropped the items we brought with the village head, prayed with them and promised to come back for another visit.

The needs
School: – One of the most urgent needs right now is the reopening of the school that has been closed down. Our next project is to see how we can help out with the children’s education by mobilizing for school supplies which include books, text books, writing materials, school uniforms etc. we equally want to find a way of getting back the teachers to the classroom.
Cooperative group:- amongst the next project is organizing the women and grouping them to form a cooperative whereby it could be easy to get loans and grants that will assist in their farming.
3. We intend to work towards the next farming season so that we can give 50 women 2 plan trees and 2 kalwa tree to plant. We went to also provide ground nut seeds because farming it is much easier than corn because it does not need fertiliser.
The prayer arm of the foundation ,  Southern Kaduna women in Prayers  hopes to call for physical  prayers in space 2000 in Octorber .
Thank you all for your contribution that made it possible for us to be a blessing to our people at home .



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