From Julius B. Kezi

Mr Bala Gideon Duniya, a Legislative Aid and personal assistant to Senator Danjuma Tella La’ah, the
Shatiman Kagoro, representative of Kaduna south Senatorial District in the National Assembly has refuted assumption that the parliamentarian, has abandoned the promotion of sporting activities.

Speaking in an interview in Kafanchan on Monday, Mr Bala Duniya said it was not true to assume that the Senator has abandoned the youth in the area, by failing to promote sporting activities, especially championing sponsorship of soccer tournaments as hitherto before his election as Senator, which enhanced peace amongst the diverse ethnic and religious communities in the area.

The legislative aid explained with concern that the outbreak of herdsmen and farmers clashes and other forms of insecurity, which destroyed thousands of lives and millions of Naira worth of properties, as well as threatened harmonious co-existence across communities in the State, particularly in Kaduna South
Senatorial District, was incumbent on the Senator to focus on how to return peace and harmony, rehabilitate destroyed houses, provide feeding and treatment to victims, displaced or injured, stressing
that it is only with peace that sports can be organized.
According to him “it was with the youth, Senator La’ah and other relevant stakeholders,made concerted efforts were made, for return of relative peace in southern Kaduna, which if sustained, would guarantee the senator to focus on sponsoring sporting activities, as usual again.”

“My appeal is, all constituents, should do all the needful, for sustenance of peace and harmony that will guarantee government and the private sectors to embark on general developmental
projects/programmes, against the diversion of resources to tackling peace and security challenges” Mr Duniya solicited. In an interview earlier, Alh Alaake Ahmadu, a sport lover/soccer organizer inthe area complained that Senator Danjuma La’ah had abandoned sponsoring annual soccer tournaments, he was kwon for, which contributed to his popularity and his election as Senator.
Alh Ahmadu said he made frantic efforts to meet the Senator face to face to hear from him, but to no avail, hence he sought the help of the media, to get across to him, because the youths have been
putting pressure on him on the issue.



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