Sen Laah visits Kwoi communities hit by Earth Tremor

By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

The Senator representing Kaduna South in the National Assembly, Dr. Danjuma La’ah has called for calm following the consistent earth tremor that hit Kwoi Communities in Jaba local government.

The Senator who visited the area with his entourage on Tuesday 13th September, 2016 said the earth tremor was an act of God urging the people in the area to be patient and wait for geologists to give their reports.

” I was shocked when I heard that the incident happened in my constituency. why should it happen in Nigeria and right in my constituency? I pray God for my people not to experience such again,” La’ah said.
” We thank God the magnitude of the tremor was not high and no casualty was recorded during the occurrences. Something drastic need to be done to know the real cause of this incident so that we can cushion the effect,” La’ah said.


Speaking, retired Major General Yusuf Pyeng, a one time provost marshal of the Nigerian army said,”The tremor occurred about twenty times since on Sunday morning.”
“The one that scared us the most was the one that took place yesterday at exactly 4:10am in the morning. When it occured, it was like all the houses will come down,” Pyeng said.

Sen Laah in Kwoi tremor community
Sen Laah in Kwoi in Tremor aftermath

“The geologists that came said my house fall on the rail track of the tremor from the hill down South to my house.”

“Its a terrible a experience. Even though the magnitude was not strong as earthquake, the geologists assured us they will becoming back tomorrow Wednesday for final survey to know the caused and for ways of addressing the issue,” the retired General said.



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