Schools Closure: Students To Report el-Rufai To Right Groups

Nasir Elrufai

Gets 3,753 signatures for vote of no confidence against governor

By Haruna Marok, Kaduna

The Southern Kaduna Youth and Students Forum (SKYSFOM) said it is set to report the Kaduna State governor, Malam Nasir el-Rufai to 10 different human right and policy making organizations over closure of schools in the area.
The students also disclosed that they have officially gathered about 3,753 signatures from members who signed a register it open for the passage of a Vote of No Confidence on governor Nasir el-Rufai.
According to the group, the collation of over 3000 signatories for the vote of no confidence on el-Rufai is indeed remarkable since within a short time, giving the hardship by their poor members who made efforts and voted online or travel to designated points of voting.
“We are using this verified numbers to approach various national and international organizations to seek for intervention. And to ask for justice and restitution for what we have lost.”
“The following bodies will be notified of the outcome, pending formal petitions that would be forwarded in the next few days: Nigerian Human Rights Commission. Amnesty International. Public Complaints Commission. Civil Liberty Organization of Nigeria (CLO). Nigerian Bar Association (NBA). UNICEF, Nigeria and the National Assembly.”
Others includes: “The Kaduna State House of Assembly. Nigerian University Commission (NUC) and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).”

“Upon the official pronouncement of the lost of confidence in Kaduna state education, we are still aware that the power to order the reopening of our schools reside with the governor. On this note, if by or before 19/07/2017 the Government fail to open our schools the government should expect to hear from us again on a different legitimate action.”
“In the meantime, we call on all our members to remain law abiding and never to get frustrated by the actions of this vindictive government as we are on this and will never rest until the return us back to our classrooms.
“We appreciate your immense and invaluable cooperation in this struggles. Same goes to members of SKYSFOM within and outside the shores of Nigeria and, indeed, the public for responding effectively to our alarms over the mean treatment our members are facing in Kaduna State’s higher institutions based in Southern Kaduna. It was based on this that we called for the signing of the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE registers made available at different physical locations and on online last week.”
“We also, profusely apologize to the thousands of our members and other sympathizers who wish to sign but space and time did not permit.”
“The general public may recall that our quest for the reopening of our schools came to the public domain since 12/06/2017, 27/06/2017 and 03/07/2017 during which at different times the press was addressed. That of   12/06/2017 was even most notable as armed security operative of the government in kaduna state mounted an unwarranted siege on the premises of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) Kaduna office where we wanted to address the press.”
“Notwithstanding, we have issued several calls to the government to open our schools against  what every observer of our plight have agreed that their closure is mischievous and a deliberate intention to cripple our education, economy and to present Southern Kaduna people violence prone, against our hospitable heritage and culture.”
“The world may still recall that in our various Press outings, we have asked some salient questions which up to this day has remained unanswered by the Kaduna State Government.”
“The public may still recall that the Nigerian Senate on 06/07/2017 had commended continued opening of University of Maiduguri  despite the violent intimidation of Boko Haram, the  Nigeria Senate went on to asked for more security beef up of the university, not its closure. Academic activities in the University is still ongoing.”
“We therefore find it imperative to ask: Why must our institutions in  Southern Kaduna be different? Why is kaduna state government making things so complex as if  Southern Kaduna is still in crisis? Is the Kaduna state government still of desperately  bent on using state power to express its hate over Southern Kaduna by punishing us?”
“Having found no rational reason to the indefinite closure of our schools, we resorted to the VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE exercise against Governor Nasir el-Rufai.”



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