Sani Sale Now Galadiman Laduga As Chief Of Ikulu Shares Traditional Titles


By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

His highness,  the Chief of Ikulu Mr Yohanna Kukah has turbaned Alhaji Sani Sale as Galadima Laduga.
Nine others were also turbaned with different traditional titles at the District head palace of Laduga this Saturday, 4th March, 2016.

The Chiefdom’s Secretary, Mr. Emmanuel Maidabe who carried out the ritual on behalf of the traditional ruler, conferred Abdulwahab Husseini with the title of Iya Laduga, Pama Adamu as Gora Laduga centre, Muhammed Abdullahi as Gora Wuru Ori Laduga, Muhammad Bako as Gorah Wuri Mufada, Bayero Dauwebe as Gora Wuri Fulbe centre, Alhaji Ali as Gora Wuri Ali, Alhaji Ja’e as Gora Jaja Yaro, Usman Muhammadu as Gora Dangolje Centre and Ahmadu Idris as Gora Nyala Fulako.

Shortly after the coronation, his highness Mr.Yohanna Kukah charge them to discharge their duties with all sense of sincerity and consolidate on the already established peaceful coexistence between Laduga community and the Ikulu people.

“See this opportunity as an avenue to contribute on the peace building that has been existing for years, ” Kukah said.

“The position of Galadima is highly respected in any tradition. The Iya is also respected so you must distinguished yourselves and give your own best to the development of Laduga and Ikulu Chiefdom as a whole,” Kukah said.

Alhaji Sani Sale who is also the Galadiman Laduga said,” I am aware of the challenges we are going to face,  but I am assuring the people of Laduga and Ikulu that we are going to contribute our best to ensure peace and tranquillity exist amongst our people.

Galadiman Laduga
Galadiman Laduga

“We must work closely together to achieve the desired goal of what our people want,” Galadima added.



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