Protesters Demand Immediate Cancellation Of Kaduna Assembly Members Suspension


By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

Following the suspension of Hon. Yakubu Bitiyong Nkom of Kaura Constituency and Hon. Danladi Angulu Kwasu of Zangon Kataf 2 constituency, from plenery session of the Kaduna State of House of Assembly, members of their constituencies mostly of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has called for their immediate reinstatement.

There suspension draws a lot of condemnation in the state and across the country.
Elanza News reports that the PDP members in the Kaduna State house of Assembly had notified the speaker of changes in the leadership of the opposition party in the house, only for the two members who were positioned as the new leaders to be suspended without the announcement of the change.
But stakeholders of the two constituencies today called on the Hon. Speaker of the House, Alhaji Aminu Abdullahi Shagali to immediately reversed the suspension.

Presenting a letter to  the clerk of the House Barr Bello Zubair, during a peaceful protest to the House, the stakeholders said: “the aim of the protest was to aired their grievances to the Kaduna State House of Assembly over the suspension of Hon.Danladi Angulu Kwasu and Dr.Bityong Yakubu Nkom, From Zangon and Kaura Kataf respectively.

” This is a call to fairness, Justice and respect for the rule of of law. It is also not only a statement of the PDP stake holders but the entire electorate in these constituencies who stand victim of this development.” they noted.

According to them,” the actual reason for the motion and suspension is totally undisclosed to both the suspended members and the general public, because facts have shown that immediately the motion was moved for the suspension of the duo, the Hon. Speaker granted no investigations, no room for counter motion, no debate as well as no point of order was allowed. The speaker only swiftly asked “is that the wish of the Honorable House ? ” which he had asked three good times.

“It is worthy to note that it is only customary that for a decision as such to take effect there must be a voting where a total of at least one third (1/3) majority of the members present is needed to take a decision. The method of voting used by the Rt. Hon. Speaker does not indicate that the standard was adhered to as it is on record that the Speaker used voice note,” the party explained.

 The parties added that,”We may need to ask the legitimacy of that voting method and we may also need to establish how the Speaker got his one-third through the voice voting to allow the motion gain favour”.

“The implementation here is that Kaura Constituency which Hon.Dr.Bityong Yakubu Nkom is representing and Zangon Kataf Constituency which Hon. Danladi Angulu Kwasu is representing shall lack representation in state legislative matters till only God knows when since the suspension is said to be indefinite. This we find unsatisfactory and unacceptable. The group refuted.

They further disclosed that,” There was a quick reaction in favour of the motion, putting this and some other facts side by side, it is evident that there is more to the cause of the suspension than the motion moved. Hence we are left with no option than to see the suspension as an act of conspiracy against goodwill and the People’s Democratic Party PDP. It is also an abuse of powers and a disregard to the rule of law’ it’s added

The PDP stakeholders of the affected constituencies after a careful understanding of the entire matter hereby resolve that:

“The suspension of the two members of the kaduna state House of Assembly is unfair,unjust and unconstitutional and therefore condemn in strong terms.

” The act if suspension is not done in goidwill to the PDP Zangon Kataf and Kaura constituency and of course Kaduna State as a whole.

 The Rt.Hon. Speaker should call off the suspension with immediate effect an apology should be tendered to the suspended members and their respective constituencies and  should as a matter of urgency announce the change of leadership as communicated to him in the letter from the State PDP Chairman dated 21st November,2017″ the document noted.

 The PDP stakeholders called on all well meaning citizens of Kaduna State and the general public to stand strong against thus suspension and all other unjust actions that are inimical to fairness, justice,the rule of law and peaceful coexistence.

Also peaking during the protest, the former minority leader of the Kaduna State Assembly  (1992-1993) Hon. Florence D. Aya (kaura) who was part of the protester said,” they are appealing to the Speaker to go back and act according to the rule of the House as they are all aware of what the rules are and how they are applied.

” We are appealing to the Speaker to act according to the rules of the House as they did not follow the proper procedure adding, It is first referred to a committee and then the committee will conduct an investigation before the suspension takes place. We did not want this to happen but as it has happened we have come to appeal that our representatives should be returned as they represent us well in the Assembly” she stressed.

In his part, the PDP Party Chairman Kaura Local Government,  Hon.Donatus Shemang  said that,” PDP has taken its decision as they want these members returned with immediate effect and their offence should be made known to the public as it is not possible to have an Assembly without a constituency being  represented by anyone.

Also, the team leader from  Zangon Kataf Mr. Joseph Bainta who spoke on behalf of members of his constituency said they should be told the offence that warrant the suspension, as failure to do so will cause more pain to the people of both constituencies.

“We are in a democratic system of government, their suspension has shown that PDP has been treated unjust because they are the minority in the House.

” We are aware that the letter which was written at the assembly for the suspension of Hon.Bityong Yakubu Nkom and Hon. Danladi Angulu Kwasu was signed by Hon.Kantiok Irimiya Ishaku, he is not representing the party well at the state Assembly, this is why we want Barr. Kantiok removed,”the leader concluded.



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