By Marok Nuhu Haruna-Kaduna
It is very unfortunate in a country like Nigeria the youths still don’t have a feature they can hold unto for a better tomorrow. However, the hope of our youths does not hold any water in regard to a better tomorrow. I stand to be corrected at the age of thirty (30) years must of our youths have nothing to hold unto. The government should not under estimate the power and the capabilities of our youths in this present time. They can be good leaders in their various capacities.
Hence, there is a need why every government should not only make promises that hold no water must especially to the terming youths of this country without fulfilling such promises as part of their responsibilities to the people. The question still remain who are the leaders of tomorrow? The leaders that rule our parent in time past are still the same set of people that still determine the affairs of this country which is not suppose to be so. Does that mean no capable hands can really deliver the real leadership that we have been expecting in our democratic dispensation? This is a wake up call for our leaders to look inward and see the best that our present youths can offer in leadership. Moreover, no human being is born as a leader, we learn to be one as part of our responsibilities to our nation we need to portray a good notion on our youths to give them a chance in leadership.
Furthermore, Nigeria as a country has come a long way through democracy for the past sixteen years of leadership we must understand that the world standard of leadership does not limit the youths to show case their inbuilt qualities of leadership . For how long would Nigeria as a country remain like this? We need people that can deliver not just making statement that make them what they are not. This is the time of action not reaction that can bring back our nation to a stand still. Corruption is a major threat to this nation we must support the current train of fighting corrupt leaders in our country. We don’t need leaders that are self minded in the interest of themselves. But we need leaders that will stand and fight for the right of their people because as a leader you are representing the people and they see you as a figure head that reflect as a mirror in front of them.
Let us give full support to this government and stop politicizing every affairs that relate to this government. Nigeria as a country is above any individual and Nigeria as a nation need individuals that can stand the taste of time in leadership and who are ready to create an impact and a good land mark in the political history of the nation in time to come and now. ELANZANEWS.



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