Only Education Touches Physical, Spiritual Lives – Dr Kajang

Dr Daniel Rikichi Kajang

As ECWA School Kagoro Graduates Another Set
A theologian, Dr Daniel Rikichi Kajang has said that the best way to touch lives both spiritually and physically is through education.
Dr Kajang, stated this at the fifth graduation ceremony of ECWA Seminary Staff School, Kagoro, Kaduna State, Nigeria on Saturday July 29, 2017.

Dr Kajang who appeal to parents, guardians and teachers, to teach children and wards how to pray and mentor them to success, added that only through education children can be empowered.
Speaking on governance in Kaduna State, Dr Kajang said all authority is from God.
“I appeal to our religious leaders to enhance dialogue, because the failure to accept the path of peace would deepen the crisis, which could consume our communities. We need to promote the culture of forgiveness among communities so that they can agree to live in peace irrespective of religion, ethnic differences and political inclinations.”
“If we must make progress in Kaduna state and in Nigeria as a whole, we need unity in our diversity; we need leaders who pursue the life of sacrifice, service and selflessness.”
“We should support those in authority over us, irrespective of whether or not we belong to the same faith, political leaning or tribe. God’s instruction to this effect is without exception.”
“Enough of the fireworks, let us not just seek peace; we must pursue peace as the scripture has commanded us to do. The tug of war with any authority will not be able to bring any fruitful development in our communities.”

“The focus of the government of Kaduna state is about development and not the normal political game, that is why many are finding it difficult in comprehending the style of governance.”
“We should support governance in Kaduna state, because most of the current policies of the current Government are geared towards creating conditions for economic recovery and community life in the state.”
“The Southern Kaduna community should engage in dialogue rather than being combative.”
“We should emphasize the positive gains of governance in Kaduna state and in Nigeria, rather than dwelling on negative issues and setbacks. The win-win option is definitely better than engaging in war. The energy we dissipate in criticism can be devoted to prayers. Regrettably, people don’t fight for the correct things anymore. If your words cannot convince anybody about the necessity for peace; convert such people by your personal examples. My brothers and sisters, discretion matters a lot,” Dr Kajang said.
He said the crux of the problem is the over-politicisation of biases in Sothern Kaduna.
“Let us remember that fame fails, politics fails, religion fails, power fails, wealth fails, but Jesus never fails.”
“Christian leaders are like trustees and they must Talk, Seek and Pursue PEACE. We are to submit to our earthly leaders in such a way that God is honored bearing in mind that our first priority goes to Christ,” Dr Kajang added.

ECWA Seminary staff school is a developing institution with about 700
students including primary pupils. This
growing school has graduated four sets marking the fifth graduation exercise last Saturday, our students have won state quiz competition governor regime, the state government have built a block of classroom in regard to the performance of our students. The best students in Kafanchan zone in 2015 NECO Exams came from ECWA seminary staff school (ESSSK).
Our students are excelling in their spiritual and academic life. ESSSK now has her WAEC and NECO centers.
According to Pastor Jeremiah S. Akut, ESSSK yhis year graduating class will be the first set to have the school’s name in their certificate.
ESSSK is the school of our dream. where leaders of tomorrow are being trained for a better posterity.



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