In exactlytwo weeks from today it will be one year since 276 schoolgirls of GSS Chibok, Borno state were abducted. 57 escaped but
219 are still missing.

We are all saddened as the One Year of this heinous abduction approaches on April 14, 2015. We are hopeful and still expect the
rescue of our 219 Girls before that date. However, we are organizing o commemorate this sad event if they aren’t back by then.

Effective from Wednesday, April 8th, 2015, we shall begin a Global Week of Action with the theme: #ChibokGirls #NeverToBeForgotten. This shall terminate on the Tuesday 14th, 2015.

Find below on our website the Program o f Action and how you can participate:

There is also the Chibok Girls Ambassadors. Schoolgirls who would volunteer to stand for our missing Chibok girls. Details are available
at this link

Schools would also be able to participate by organizing marches called the Global School Girl March. Details are available at this link:

During our Special Global Week Of Action commemorating our #ChibokGirls’ abduction, we shall like to have all our friends across
Nigeria and the world to join in and support our activities in their different communities, cities and countries.

The essential crux of this Special Commemoration is not for entertainment. We find the continued captivity of our girls
unacceptable. And, we wish to demand expeditious global campaign to
accelerate all efforts been coordinated by the Nigerian Government and
her allies towards their rescue.

The effort of every man and woman, far and near, in this particular period will be critical in driving the required renewed demand and
pressure to find our girls and bring them home to their parents.

Wherever you are, we call on you today to join in; to rally afresh and to mobilize resources to bring our #ChibokGirls back on the front
burner. A day in the captivity of terrorists is agonizingly dreadful enough. One Year is too much and too difficult to imagine. Our
#ChibokGirls are innocent global citizens that the world must ensure are #NeverToBeForgotten.


From this weekend up to yesterday, Nigeria was involved in a presidential electoral cycle that was successful. This is a victory for
Nigeria and Nigerians. The success of the entire of process was largely because Nigerians placed a demand on the electoral system, and with
concerted effort, and with true commitment and sincerity of purpose from all involved.

This should be a lesson for all. With this same commitment and sincerity of purpose, we can have our girls back soonest.

While congratulating both the outgoing and incoming president, we urge both to work together in assiduously in unison to see that our missing 219 #ChibokGirls return before the hand over date of 29 May 2015.

Thank you and GOD bless Nigeria.

For and onbehalf of #BringBackOurGirls

Oby Ezekwesili

Hadiza Bala Usman



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