By Sunday Isuwa
A former senior special assistant to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan,
Dr Doyin Okupe, has cautioned Nigerians against making unsavory
comments about the current state of health of President Buhari.

In a statement titled, “Buhari’s Health : Matters Arising” posted on
his Facebook page earlier today, Okupe who said he was not a supporter
of the president described as embarrassing what some Nigerians write
and say about the sick president.
Okupe noted that “some out rightly deride him; wish him dead as if
they themselves are not human.”
“Sickness and ill-health, many times, are not things you can blame
individuals for and certainly not deride them about. Both young and
old do fall ill and death certainly is not exclusively restricted to
the old, or young, or rich, poor or powerful”

On the political implication of President Buharis health and against
the backdrop of the calls in certain quarters on the president to
resign from office, the former presidential aide said the matter is
neither simple nor straight forward, in a country as complex and
convoluted politically as Nigeria.

According to Okupe, the need to entrench geo-political fairness in the
polity makes it imperative that political gladiators and leaders of
thought in Nigeria take into consideration that since the return of
democratic rule in 1999, which is a space of about 18years, the
Southern part of the country has occupied the position of President
for approximately 14years while the North has had only 4years.
“This calls for sensitive and careful navigation and negotiation to
uphold equity, justice and fairness, if our country must maintain
political stability, without which our nation can hardly make
He added that if President Buhari must exit the office on account of
his ill-health, his associates and allies who have laboured with him
to get him to the pinnacle of his career need be taken into
consideration and their Interests which most likely will be based on a
shared vision with the ailing president need to be accommodated for
the remaining period of his scheduled 4year term.

Furthermore, Okupe is of the opinion that in 2019, the candidates for
the presidency should come from the same zone, that is North-west or
any other zone in the entire North if that is what is agreeable to the
northern geopolitical zones. ELANZANEWS



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