NUJ Lauds Akande Over Contribution To Women Empowerment

The national president of Nigerian Union of Journalists, Abdulwaheed Odusile, has commended Hon. Mulikat Akande on her role in promoting women empowerment programmes This is even as he charged female politicians to take a cue from her.

Odusile stated this at the closing ceremony of a 2-day gender equity and safety training of journalists in Abuja, which was sponsored by the Honourable.

He said; “She has set a pace and it would be good if other women
politicians can emulate this feat to train and empower women in our

He added that Nigeria would be a better if more women are trained and empowered to bring development to the country.

“Women play vital role in our society. The more reason we can’t do
without empowering them. We must not relent in giving them the
information and opportunity to make them better in every sphere of
life. In our work place, we must empower them. In our immediate
society, we must give them opportunity to serve as leaders and not
always followers. The women can be better than the men if given the
same opportunity men have, in every facet of the society. I once again want to thank Hon. Mulikat for this noble programme. Women should embrace their fellow women and help enrich their capacity.”
You will agree with me that women are the drivers of our society” he said adding that “when you train a woman, you have made the world a better place. We can’t thank her enough, but we are sincerely grateful to her He also urged the participants to go as ambassadors of gender equity and safety as they go back to their media organizations.

“You have been empowered. I am happy seeing the ‘he for she’ here in the setting. The men must also be educated to know that women need same opportunity as they He charged the participants to the message back to their various organizations, homes and immediate circles that, women must be treated equally and also given the same opportunity. I wish you all well, ” he added.

In her address, Hon. Mulikat Akande, had commended the organizers of the progamme for putting the capacity building of women on the front burner of national discourse.

“We want to construct a different world of work for women. As they
grow up, girls must be exposed to a broad range of careers, and
encouraged to make choices that lead beyond the traditional service
and career options to jobs in industry, public service, agriculture
and science,” she said.



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