The Chairman of Adamawa State Chapter of the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), Mr Rodney Nathan said the state of emergency declared on education by the Adamawa State Governor has no any positive impact on the state since its imposition.

According to him the declaration came at the right time as there are a heap of problems created by the past administrations most especially in the Primary schools to the extend that teaching facilities is nothing to right home about, their salaries, promotion, Pension and gratuity for several months and years have not been paid.

He rolled out that the present government under the able leadership of Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow have a very good intention but seems to lack the zeal and the focus to do that as there are not signs of serious about it in pursuing it to the latter.

He called on the government to take all major steps to actualize the dream of why it’s been declared a state of emergency.

“After the declaration we were thinking much attention will be given to the education sector as in other sector like road, but to be honest with you we have not felt the impact of the state of emergency put in place by the Governor.” Rodney said

He further said that At the meeting upon invitation they thought that there are things the government wants to find out about the education hence they are the major stakeholders and also thought there is going to be line of action to properly address the problem of education.

But it turned up to be a wishful thinking as the government do not want to know the position of things but excluded them from the action plan which would have a positive one.

“what we are seeing and are expecting after the declaration is not what we are seeing, with the declaration we are still having outstanding salaries arrears, we are still having leave transport grand arrears for five years, we’re still having dilapidated class rooms,we are still having hanging promotions and still having pupils being taught under shed of threes.” He added

Nathan said this at the office of Adamawa State Universal Basic Education I. Yola during a data capture exercise of some teachers in the state who have not being in the e-payment scheme of the state.

He lamented that the government are scheming out the usefulness of teachers in the state, stressing that they were expecting to be officially invited to plan along the state government as one of the stakeholders but are turned to be lookers to witness how it unfolds.

He continued to say that :”We were thinking the first approach is to invite the NUT since the union stands for teachers, we were even thinking we will be asked to submit a proposal to know our opinion on what the Government should do in the state of emergency declared,we are now following the trend to see how it goes”

He stressed that the government should have first of take care of the teacher’s needs as there cannot be a proper state of emergency without taking care of those holding the affairs of that organisation (teachers) were so many of them are owing months of unpaid salaries.” In fact there is no signal that the state of emergency is real if the teachers salaries are not paid.”

Effort to speak with the Honourable Commissioner of Information and strategic, Alhaji Ahmad Sajoh failed as he was not picking his calls and returning missed calls. ELANZANEWS.M



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