Nigeria Turning Into Islamic Country – Owojaiye

By Zacham Sambo, Abuja

A fearless evangelist based in Kaduna, Northwestern Nigeria, Mathew Owojaiye, said Nigeria is being gradually turned into an Islamic country.

The constitution of Nigeria stipulates that the country shall not adopt a particular religion either in policies and association but shall remained circular.

But speaking during the service of songs organised in honour of late secretary, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), held at the National Ecumenical Centre also known as National Christian Centre, Abuja on Tuesday, Owojaiye conceded there is secret jihad everywhere in the country.

While arguing that there were evidence of jihad in most parts of the country especially in areas occupied by Christians in the middlebelt and Northeastern part of Nigeria, Owojaiye succinctly: “We see evidence of stealth jihad everywhere.”

He disclosed: “Nigeria is being gradually turned into an Islamic country. Nigeria is bedeviled with myriads (millions) of problems. The church that is supposed to represent heaven and put things in order needs to be put in order,” the clergy man said.

“We are facing a hostile environment nay a hostile government,” the evangelist said adding, “Christian areas in the middle belt and in the North East are being battered.”

“Villages and farms are ransacked and burnt down,” he said. “Children, women are brutally murdered.”

“Either the government does not have political will to stop it or the murderers are the agents of government,” the fearless evangelist disclosed further.

While backing his prepared sermon as an unpolemical, Owojaiye said: “We see evidence of stealth jihad everywhere.”

“We belong to several islamic organization. Appointments, developmental project and government policies are skewed to favour Muslims.

“It is either our Christian politicians (who should protect our interest) have been compromise or too afraid to speak. In the words of Martin Luther Jr. “If the church does not recapture its prophetic zeal, it will become an irrelevant social club without moral or spiritual authority.”

“Men and brethren, I am performing a task that none of us would want to do,” Owojaiye said, expressing sadness over the demise of a younger clergy man, Rev Asake.

“To be burying those who should bury us is an embarrassment,” he added. “I am wondering why a mad man like me should be chosen to deliver a massage at a time like this.”



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