Nigeria Remains One Indivisible Nation- Patriotic Movement


A newly launched civil society group, Patriotic Movement of Nigeria yesterday in Abuja said the country will remain as one adding that the blood of the heroes past won’t be toy with.
The group, made up of men and women drawn from the six geo-political zones, said they are out to initiate a citizens’ conversation on the state of the nation.
Speaking at a press conference, the national chairman of the group, Malam Bello Abdulkadir said events in the last few months in Nigeria has been wearisome which compelled them to speak out.
“We speak not as Igbos, Hausas, Fulanis, Yorubas, Jukuns, Ijaws, Efik, Urhobo, Angas or any of the other proud ethnic nationalities out of it is constructed the idea and reality of the nation state. We are proud of these multiple inheritances, these great civilizations, but we are prouder as Nigerians bound by the singularity of our national vision and responsibility that we will be greater tomorrow than we are today,” Abdulkadir said.
According to the chairman of the group, the Nigerian project is work in progress in the area of strengthening it’s democratic institutions, culture and practice.
The group which pledged to work towards achieving a Nigerian democratic state that is uderpinned by good governance, probity, accountability, transparency in budgeting and utilizing of public resources, added that it will soon commenced public enlightenment campaign on national unity.
Abdulkadir, however, called on Nigerians to shun separatis commends and embrace each other.
“We must bear the brunt of their ire because in no distant time, they too will become converts to the logic of our vision; that it is more strenuous but ultimately more rewarding to strive for unity in the sometimes bewildering horizon of so many hurts and privations than it is to binarize our differences and settle for easy choices,” the group addded.



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