Nigeria, Qatar Bilateral Relations Will Boost Economy – Amb Wase

Good bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Republic of Qatar will boost the two countries economies, the newly appointed Ambassador, Bawa Abdullahi Wase has said.

Speaking at a send forth dinner organised by Zinari Communication, publishers of Zinari Magazine and in his honour, Wase said Qatar has all it takes to have a good bilateral relationship with Nigeria.

“Charter order are always essential for good diplomacy. We hope to explore this because Qatar has the highest income index in the world. Qatar has the greatest deposit of hydrocarbon for CNG and LNG. Don’t forget, Nigeria is also an oil producing country and with good relationship, we can boost our economies,” Wase said.

“We will want to explore that area including agro based activities as other economies are doing. We will go further to see that social and political involvement are also imbibed,” Wase added.

The new Ambassador said he will also ensure that the Geneva convention and other conventions are fully explored for the betterment of Nigeria, Qatar and other nations of the world.

“Qatar almost has the highest diplomatic missions (Embassies) in the world. There are 196 missions of the world that are based in Qatar. You can hardly find that in any other country. So, the task before me is to see how we can explore the bilateral relationship for the
benefit of both countries.



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