NEPC Organises Export Clinic For Newly Registered Exporters

Nigerian export promotion council NEPC, North Central Assistance
Centre has organised a one day export clinic for its newly registered
exporters in Jos the Plateau State capital.

Speaking while addressing the registered exporters the regional
coordinator, NEPC north central, Mr. Nanakaan Saave, said the county
is faced with crippling recession due to the fall in the price of oil
adding that non oil export diversification is the only way out of the
present economy crisis.

According to him, adopting export business is a conscious decision
companies make for different reasons ranging from gaining clout,
foreign exchange generation market expansion and so on adding that
whatever the reason for doing so the national economy equally benefits
from company export successes.

He pointed out that deciding to go into export is one thing while
exporting successfully and profitably is quite another stressing that
making a success of your export endeavours require professionalism on
all that happens along the entire value chains of you product.

The coordinator further added it is also require a clear
understanding of processes inherit on exporting so as to avoid
mistakes that could hinder one business.

Saave opined that it is for the foregoing that they want to assume
wrongly or rightly that as freshly registered exporters they are
novices that Ned to be nurtured the basic rudiments of export business
so that as you embark on the journey you have what its takes to make
informed decision that will enable you achieve your desire objectives
in the enterprises.

According to him, uninformed decisions in this dynamic field of export
will surely lead to failure and lack of acceptance in the
international market.



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