Moro’a Association Gives Nod To Access Quaint Solar Project

recognize their right to hold position of such in a democracy or to deviate from the consensus of the majority on the implementation of such a far reaching developmental policy decision, we are indeed tempted to discharge their views as unauthorized and representing the thinking and concerns of a small selfish segment of the population of our community, which should never be treated seriously in any quarters and by any authority”.

The committee therefore posited that “After a holistic assessment of our needs as a people and as a community, including the impact of the proposed energy project, both in the present and in the unforeseen future, we are satisfied that the project would bring about positive developments to our community.

“Its benefits are indeed enormous as it would add to the national grid, lead to more employment opportunities for our teeming youths, open up the doors of opportunities for trade and commerce as well as increase inflow of foreign capital to our national resources.

“It is our strong belief that the project, when it comes to full spring, will remain an invaluable addition to the development and growth of our beloved community and to the improvement of the quality of life of the individual members of this community in general.

“While we place on record our unreserved committeemen to the implementation of the project in our community, we assure the company and its management of our hospitality and reception now and in the future. 

“We also commend the project company for their robust stakeholder engagement with community leadership and membership. 
“In the same vein, we wish to extend a similar sense of gratitude and profound appreciation to the Government of Kaduna State under the leadership of our able and amiable State Governor, Mallam  Nasir el Rufai for its vision and foresight in facilitating the investment and supporting our community for the sitting  of this very important  energy project.

“We firmly appeal to the Kaduna State Government, the management of Access Quaint Solar Nigeria Limited, relevant stakeholders and the public to disregard any other positions by any persons or group of people purporting to represent or speaking for our community”.



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