Meet Medical Doctor Revolutionizing Music In Northern Nigeria

By Goni Dauda Ishaku
A medical doctor and self-spending musician, Tabat Elias Emmanuel is revolutionizing his country’s gospel music.
In a culture that is socially oriented, music is a powerful tool that is appreciated by every class of people and also, it is influential than any other thing.
For Emmanuel, music should contain positive messages that will have long lasting impact rather than just entertaining the audience and seeing it as a money making venture.
“Being a musician places you at a very good advantage of being able to penetrate far better than other people would,” Emmanuel told Elanza News in an interview.
“Music is a powerful tool especially in this particular age and time,” the university of Jos medical graduate who has been revolutionizing the gospel music in Northern Nigeria said.
“Man’s natural instinct is to survive,” Emmanuel disclosed, adding that even though the economy is horrible in his home country, entertainment pays.
“We are in Nigeria. Things are hard and the truth is entertainment pays,” Emmanuel said, urging other musicians to consider the messages that will influence the society.

“If you want to pass a message which has long lasting impact, it requires a lot of patience and sacrifices which a lot of people don’t have. Instead of looking for something that is transient and temporal, let’s just in our way with the music being a very potent tool be able to pass messages that will also tilt our nation and the world towards a positive direction,” Tabat added.
He said it is detrimental for musicians to use their talents and not minding it’s implications to the society.
“It’s a kind of being selfish by using one’s talent just for personal interest and not minding what the society benefit from it,” the musician who specializes in releasing singles, including “Dear Heart,” “Y316,” among others said.



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