From Julius B. Kezi
A ten-years-old-boy, Binya Umaru, who was kidnapped from Ugwan Shanu-Kaboji Mashegu Local Government Area of Niger State, has been found in Kafanchan, Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna state, Elanza News can report.
Disclosing the incident to our Kafanchan correspondent, the Secretary, Jamaatul Nasir Islam, Jema’a Local Government Chapter, Alh. Iliyasu Musa said Binya Umaru was kidnapped by some men in a black jeep, where he learns motorcycle mechanic.
According to Alh. Iliyasu Musa, who is also the Assistant Social Welfare Officer, Jema’a Local Government, the boy narrated that on the fateful day, he went to urinate across the road, when his kidnappers pounced on him and threw him into a waiting jeep and spade off at terrific speed.
Binya said he was drugged and went into sleep until they arrived at Kachia, in Kaduna state, where he woke up at 8:00pm, took permission from his kidnappers to ease himself, escaped and hid himself under the tank of a trailer that conveyed beer, without the knowledge of its driver.
On arrival in Kafanchan after discharging the luggage, the driver noticed the boy, listened to his ordeal, took and handed him over to his highness the Emir of Jama’a Emirate, Alh. Muhammad Isa Muhammadu, who handed Binya to JNI.
Ahl. Iliyasu Musa said, being the Secretary of JNI Jema’a chapter, he was detailed to ensure the boy reunites with his parents.
He said he has made relevant contacts with relevant people in Niger State, who will locate his parents and relatives.
Binya said his father Umaru sells sacks/Insecticides, his mother’s name is Zali, the Elder sister is Rukayya, while his younger brother bears Masa’udu.



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