Kafanchan, Godogodo Zones Throw Chairmanship Position Open

By Marock Nuhu Haruna

The chairmanship position of Jema’a Local Government has been thrown open for contestants under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from Kafanchan and Godogo zones.
Elanza News reports that Kagoma zone has the slot of the House of Representative member while the office of the State House of Assembly is favoured for Kafanchan zone while Godogodo zone was favoured with the office of the chairman, Jema’a LGA.
But because of some vested interest, it was gathered, the PDP stakeholders in both Godogodo and Kafanchan zone in Jemaa LGA met separately several times in the past few weeks to discuss on the zoning of the positions of the Member of the state house of assembly and the Council chairman but the meetings ended in deadlock.
While some members of the party belief zoning the chairmanship slot to Godogodo zone will bring unity and make the party stronger, others were of the opinion Kafanchan zone is the perfect zone to take the slot for the Kaduna State House of Assembly.

Elanza News gathered that the major stakeholders of the 2 zones met on 25th and 28th of February in Kafanchan and resolved that both zones are free to vie for any of the 2 available elective positions for the sake of peace as the zoning of the positions was not feasible due to divergent interests.
“It’s very clear that most of the stakeholders in Godogodo zone prefer the position of council chairman while Kafanchan zone wants the State House of Assembly position,” a strong member of the PDP knowledgeable about the sharing arrangement tells Elanza News.
The secretary of the PDP stakeholders forum in Godogodo and Kafanchan zones: Elder Duchi Yakubu and Hon. Silas Garba respectively, according to sources, have different opinions with the arrangement that the chairmanship position should go to Godogodo zone.
It was gathered that some people are planning to dish out a wrong information about the zoning arrangements in both Kafanchan and Godogodo.

A source said some people who want to cause disaffection in the party are meeting on Thursday at 2pm in a location with the intention to mislead the general public.
“Because they perceived failure in the forthcoming council primary election of the PDP that is why they are doing everything possible to reject the last resolutions of the major stakeholders in the 2 zones. But I can tell you that Our interest is that the both positions are open for the 2 zones.



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