Nasir Elrufai

One of the most beautiful aspects of a democracy is that it regulates how long elected officials can remain in office. The electorate decides whether or not to renew the term of such elected officials premised on their performance while in such an office. The desire for a descent and accountable society informed the need for individuals to surrender some of what would have been their liberties to a sovereign pursuant to the views as put forward by a number of philophers including Thomas Hobbes, Socrates, Kant etc. Society did not make this sacrifice only to install a Behemoth who will be breathing fire over society at will which is obviously why the arrangement was called the Social Contract. That it is so called, simply means that each party to the contract must keep their own part of the contract. Those aspiring for leadership position would usually try to convince the electorate as to what plans or programmes they would execute if elected. In climes such as we have found ourselves, the electorates are usually duped by high fallutine words into voting for a candidate who would quickly dispense with them having assumed office. The electorate are left to rue their decision and will have to wait patiently for another round of elections. Shamelessly, even those who could not deliver will usually in the middle of their term would have began to strategize on new sets of lies with which to deceive the electorate once more.

Politics in Kaduna State is not any different from other climes particularly on the African continent. The electorate was comprehenduvely duped by the campaign slogan of Making Kaduna. Great Again. In practice, there is a resemblance between what we are being treated to in Kaduna and what the American electorate are being treated to under Donald Trump. Making Kaduna State Great Again on one hand and on the other, Making America Great Again. It is yet unclear how Trump will achieve this bogus task when in fact he is moving to diminish simre of those values that made America an attractive brand around the world. My very limited knowledge of international affairs tell me that when a nation any nation leverages a combination of soft power and military capabilities overseas such are on the way to greatness. It would appear that Trump is about to have America retract her tentacles overseas and since nature abhors a vacuum whatever space vacated will almost immediately be occupied by China or some other nations. In Kaduna State, the campaign slogan of Making Kaduna Great Again is now turning out to be a huge ruse. Put in another way, Kaduna has been outsourced to in the thinking of the chief tenant in Sir Kashim Ibrahim House to more competent hands or heads. The gang holding sway in this State clearly do not have any believe in the Western concept that the State plays a dominant role in developing the people. While justifying the appointment of Jimmy Lawal a character from Lagos State as Senior councillor, the dictator said that this character was a founding member of the APC having been a member of the now defunct CPC. True as this may be why did Jimmy Lawal not find accommodation in his Lagos State since th st State is APC.

In preparing the stage for the onslaught on bona fide Kaduna State politicians, he had made it clear that there were no indegenes in Kaduna as good as he believes he is, I have my doubts if ever he would have had a place in the Lagos State government. The claim to Making Kaduna State Great Again is therefore the very height of sophistry.

When stakeholders in the State APC complained that they have been abandoned by the El Rufai government, his response unwittingly is to say that they were either recent converts from PDP or that that they lack the quality to be part of his government. Hear him ” We are looking for people like Dr Ya’u Usman who has a PhD in Physics. We are looking for people with those kind of skills to be appointed commissioners” I wonder if these kind of people El Rufai is looking out for will find adequate accommodation to act of their good judgment free of interference from the boss who is all knowing. Bringing in people from outside of this State to occupy key positions is a dubious effort at Making Kaduna Great. In the interim a vicious war of attrition is underway between the people of Southern Kaduna and El Rufai. The genocidsl activities of his Fulani kinanen has pitched him against the population in Southern Kaduna. Consequently upon this many were killed in their sleep or on their farm lands. Instead of offering soothing words, El Rufai came out furiously defending his kinsman while explaining away the genocide as reprisals. Even when it became cyrstsl clear to every sensible person that there was a deficit in El Rufai’s position, he has not retreated from that. He has instead found a more lethal way of ponishing the people of Southern Kaduna by the continued closure of institutions of higher learning using insecurity as justification. I wonder if El Rufai was in this country when ABU was the hotbed of ethno religious violence if that institutuon was closed indefinatrly for such a long period.

In the years now gone when Kaduna town was so combustible by reason of ethno religious crises if the Federal Poly now University of Technology was ever closed.

Why is the case of the Kafanchan Campus of KASU and the College of Education Gidan Waya treated differently? The Kpop Ham Dr Dabkadi Maude Gyet last week during a courtesy visit to the Governor made a polite and subtle request for reopening the said institutions adding wisely according to the wisdom of royal fathers that this will facilitate the return of peace to Southern Kaduna. Typical of El Rufai the manner he responded to the request of the royal father was so arrogant and so disrespectful that one wonders who ever will be deserving of El Rufai’s respect. I watched the video clip of the proceedings and I felt like throwing up. His response was ” The schools will renain close until we are confident that peace has returned.” He went on further to say that ” If the people of those Local government s cared about the importance of Education, then they should have averted their minds to the consequences of violence.” If El Rufai likes, he should go ahead and close the 2 schools all together, our children will still go to school one way or another. El Rufai may not have read about the persecution of the Jews which led to the holocaust, but not even Adolf Hitler and his genocidsl Third Reich could exterminate all the Jews. Much in the same manner the Southern Kaduna people will survive El Rufai’s repressive regime. The people of Kaduna were after all correct to have nicknamed him ” Mairusau ” because he performs better at pulling down instead of building.



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