Kaduna ‎ Talent Hunt: Shehu Sani Donates N.5m To Winners ‎

Sen Shehu Sani

By Israel Bulus and ‎Ango Bally, Kaduna

In a pragmatic move to encourage the development of the creative industry towards talent discovery and development in Kaduna, the Senator representing Kaduna Central, in the National Assembly, Comrade Shehu Sani ‎has donated the sum of N500,000 to winners at yesterday’s Grand Finale of the Kaduna Talent Hunt Competition, organized by Empire Recordz, in collaboration with Invicta 98.9 FM, Kaduna. 

Sen. Sani who challenged Nigerian Youths to always seize any opportunity at hand to discover and develop their talents for self independent and actualization,‎‎ observed that “l can see young people with dreams and  ideas, but your dreams and ideas will perish if you have no opportunity”.‎

“Some of the best musicians produced in the United Stated of America came through a processes like this. Among you here, I see Kanye West, Chris Brown, Beyonce Knowles, when ‎giving an opportunity that can be realized,” Sani added in a motivating spirit. 
 Commenting on the imperative of youths to get involved in active politics so as to be able to bring to bear their fresh ideas to affect the needed change in leadership and governance in Nigeria, he challenged the Nigerian youths: “If you are really  interested in the future of Nigeria come 2019, you must shift from social media and get your voters card to enable you effect the desired change”.‎

“If Emmanuel Macron, President of France who founded a political party, contested election and won at the age of 39 years did it, you can also do it.” The activist turned Senator gave a charge.

According to him,” I contested for the senatorial seat in 2003 and 2011 and lost but I won in 2015 when I recontested again. So, if Shehu Sani can, you too can also do it”.

“I am not the typical kind of politician who will see red and say it is blue, we speak our mind, we challenge the existing power. All my life I have been a student union activist to a civil right activist .We went to prison to free this country and today we’re here”. He reflected.

He maintained that,”The ‎Youths of this country have a duty to continue to question power, demand accountability and good governance from their leaders.

He acknowledge that, “Young people don’t know how Kaduna ‎used to be in the past. Kaduna used to be a city hub. In the 70ths, Young and old in Kaduna never suffered but things changed all of a sudden.

He noted that,” there are 3 stages in one’s life , the first 25 years, the second 25 years and third 25 years. The first 25 years is for you to prepare for yourself for the second 25 years. If you don’t realize your dreams in the second 25 years, its going to be difficult for you on the last 25 years.” 

The grand price of  a generator set, N200,000, Invicta FM Ambassador and a three-year record deal with Empire Recordz was won by X-Factor Dancers.
Solomon Augustin-a won the 2nd price of a Plasma Television, N100,000 and a three-year record deal.‎
The 3rd price was won by a rapper -Shagze Oluwyenton, who got a Home Theater and a three-year record deal. While ‎a soul singer -Esther Ezra won Sen. Shehu Sani special price of N100,000, a record deal ‎and additional N400,000 to be shared across 1st, 2nd and 3rd price. 

While appreciating Sani’s great contribution, CEO of Empire Recordz, Mr. Awolope Seun pledged his unflinching support to Senator Sani’s political endeavour and aspirations within and outside Kaduna state.




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