Press Release; On the porous nature of security in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.

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Press Release; On the porous nature of security in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
9th, June 2017.

Worried by the reoccurrence of attacks by armed men, cattle rustlers, kidnappers and herdsmen, several community have come under gruesome attacks. These attacks are well planned coordinated, executed and carried out successfully.
Kaduna Rebirth Network (KADREN), have observed that from April till date, there has been an uprising in the spate of attacks in villages within Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State. Communities like Gwagwada, Dutse, Chikunu, Sabon-gaya, Udawa, Damba have been worst hit by these attacks, the terrorist are operating in a safe haven and have threatened to take total control of this villages and dominate this areas, they walk with modern and sophisticated weapons and arms, killing, raping, and destroying properties belonging to the natives, while villages in Kagurdna, Rijana, Kakau are kidnappers den, with a record of about 30 people kidnapped within 3weeks. The activities of these terrorist have assumed a wider dimension in and around communities in Chikun Local Government and have impacted adversely on the socio-economic lives of the people as they can no longer move freely to transact their legitimate business for fear of being kidnapped and killed. On Friday 2nd, June, 2017. One Mrs Sarah Amos and her son Jesse and a family members Mr. Isaac Micheal were kidnapped in Kagurdna-Kakua community and in their escape bid with the victims, the kidnappers killed a member of a local vigilante  team named Yakubu Adamu and are now demanding the sum 20million Naira as ransome for their release.
Kaduna Rebirth Network (KADREN)  Strongly condemn the terrorist attack in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State, causing the loss of scores of lives and inflicting injuries upon many more others affected, we the members of (KADREN) express our heartfelt condolences and sympathies with the victims and the bereaved family members, we  expressed our resolute solidarity to the good people of Chikun Local government Area.
Kaduna Rebirth Network express with total  dismay and disbelief the way the Kaduna State Government, is handling this issue with kid gloves, we are yet to see any concerted effort to curb this villages, arrest the perpetrators of this heinous crime in Chikun Local Government and be brought to justice and made to face the full wrath of the law. The state government should extent the frontiers of the joint military operations, code named “Harbin Kunama” which has been stationed in Southern Kaduna, to villages in Chikun Local Government, cause the victims have authoritatively said that, fleeing terrorist who were dislodged in Southern Kaduna are finding new frontiers of operation in chikun local government Area.
Kaduna Rebirth Network (KADREN), calls on the state government, to join forces with all relevant security agencies to curb this menace and secure the live of the people of Chikun local government, in reference to section 14 subsection (2b) of the 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended states that “the welfare and security of the citizens shall be the primary purpose of the government” this affirms the assertion that security of lives and property of citizens remains paramount to the government, therefore any government that can’t guarantee the security and welfare of  its citizens has no business being in government. We therefore call on the Federal and State government to do the needful and ensure peace is restored in Chikun local government, so that citizens can go about with their lawful activities.
Comrade George Benjamin
Comrade Jim Gami Makama
Mr. Jesse David.



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