‘Iyesogie’ Was My Brakethrough Song-MPJ

MPJ is a Italian based Nigerian artiste who is using music to speak
against the evils of misgovernance. He speaks with ANTHONY ADA ABRAHAM
in this brief interview.

What are some of your rough experiences you had before getting to the
level you are today?

It has never been easy till I got my brakethrough song titled
‘Iyesogie’ in 2012. And till date , the song is still enjoying massive
aiplay and it is doing great.

What is music to you?

Music is my life. There is nothing i can do withoutmusic. Music has
always been my first love. In anything
I do, music comes first.

How favourable has music been to you so far?

All good and nice. It has given me lota of pride and prestige.

You are based in Europe and also doing music. Did you expect the
reaction that followed it?

Yes, because my songs are great and theyhave good message.

You have also done other latest songs and features. Can you tell us about them?

I have “Nigerian leaders” “Iyesogie,” “All my ladies”, “Glory” Samami”etc….

As an entertainer based in europe, did you experience any difficulty
before leaving Nigeria and are you and your colleagues experiencing
the recession? How is it affecting your music and productivity?

I have heard about alots of them going abroad to seek for good market
but the recession has not affected my music in anyway.

What’s your take about the current situation in Nigeria as a Nigerian?

The way things are going it is not we expected. I need a change that
is the reason why I droped a single title “Nigerian leaders.” If you
listen to it, you will understand what I am saying

What do you think can really be done to reposition the economy and
also the entertainment industry?

We need Good leaders and serious people.

Aside music what do you do?

I am working in a company.

Are you married or you have someone you are dating at present?


Who is your mentor in the Nigerians music industry both locally and in europe?


Tell us about yourself and how you started off in the Music industry?

I am MPJ Donbale a Nigerian, base in Italian artist.i was born into
the family and of eghide in Benin city Edo state.i started music in
the 2007 in Europe and where I came into the industry in 2009 I drop
my frist album in 2012 in Italy.

What should your fans be expecting from you next and what would be
your message to young aspiring artiste?

Good message, good song. And they should comtinue to keep pushing
until they get there

Anthony Ada Abraham
Entertainment And Tourism Editor,
LEADERSHIP Newspapers Group

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