Is El-Rufai Ready To Shake Hands With Shehu Sani?

By Henry Gabriel
In the agonizing crawl towards a conclusion to the political hullabaloo that engulfed the two Kaduna All Progressives Congress ( APC) leaders after their victory in the 2015 general elections, governor Nasir El-Rufai, might be reluctant to shake hands with his metropolitan Senator, Shehu Sani.
Sani refused to decamped to the opposition People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) when the tsunami hit the National Assembly.
Shehu Sani is the only Senator in Kaduna State under the platform of the APC, after his northern counterpart, Suleiman Othman Hunkuyi joined his Southern counterpart, Danjuma La’ah in the PDP.
Shehu Sani and Elrufai were shaking hands before the 2015 general elections. They used several cars together to campaign. Their ideologies were buried just for political power.
One has been fighting for the right of the common man as a comrade, while the other appears to be a capitalist, judging from his background. One is seen as the ‘Jagoran Talakawa’ – a man who fight for the poor, while the other is known for championing elitist programmes. This can easily be attributed to their crisis.
The brouhaha started from the way and manner Mr el-Rufai shared his appointments. El-Rufai rejected Shehu Sani’s recommendation of people to be appointed into the APC led government in Kaduna.
The cries of rejection did not only came from Shehu Sani. Most bigwigs that contributed to El-Rufai’s victory also cried. El-Rufai had his template for appointment and won’t want any politician to take the credit.
The fight between Shehu Sani and El-Rufai elicited that of ideology. Some of the El-Rufai’s aides contributed in no small measures. They work for the suspension of the Senator several times only for it to be reversed by the national leadership of the APC.
Shehu Sani who also appeared to be a Buharist, knows the implications of joining another party when their boss is in the contest. But many Nigerians have said that in 2019 general elections, even the Buhari himself would be scrutinized.
His refusal to leave the APC has also sent confusion to the El-rufai’s camp. El-Rufai’s political advisers: Uba Sani and Lawal Yakawada are also eying Shehu Sani’s present seat.
Uba Sani and Shehu Sani know themselves very well. They were friends. Uba Sani was the one running errant for Shehu Sani when the Abacha led government threw him into prison for fighting for democracy and the right of the common man.
Shehu Sani on his part, also contributed in no small measure to ensure that his prison friend, Obasanjo appointed his ‘half brother’ Uba into his government.
For Uba Sani, since Shehu served as a Senator in a constituency no lawmaker has returned to the red chamber for a second term, he will also want to test what his fellow has tested and after that, they can be brothers again and have a handshake.
This few weeks stood out not so much for milestones, but contrast. It started with Sen Sani refusing to leave the APC, with El-rufai insisting he must go back and beg the people that suspended him.
His electoral ward officials came out to say they did not suspend Shehu Sani. Handshake between El-Rufai and Shehu Sani might be difficult at this time. The 70 percent Fulani man, El-Rufai is still angry that huge amount of money that would have double the debt profile of Kaduna State skipped him, courtesy of Shehu Sani.
The national leadership of the APC, who obviously want to retain the majority at the red chamber, is insisting that Shehu Sani must be accommodated in the Kaduna APC.
The handshake and the laud laughter that ensued during a meeting between President Buhari and Shehu Sani also sent a shocker to the El-Rufai’s camp.
From all indications, a time for handshake between El-Rufai and Sen Sani is still not on the clock.
Working against themselves without a handshake, for now could be beneficial because of their ideologies.
While they are busy showing muscles, the electorates are watching and will go for anyone who appeal to their sensitivity, even though their elections won’t be in the same day.
A no handshake between Shehu and Elrufai will also be detrimental to their political party that has lost thousands of key members and supporters in few weeks. Viewpoint:



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