Insecurity: Labour Party Calls For State Police

The chair Labour Party, Dr Mike Omotosho is calling for the decentralizing  of the Nigerian Police Force so that the States can have some level of Command.
 According to him,the Inspector General alone  should not be given power to direct the affairs of the police.
He said Nigerians are skeptical of the State Policing Policy,as it may one day warrant people to start clamoring for LG Police or even Ward Police.
“Looking back in history we see that there indeed have been a form of security bodies which were active even before the colonial invasion which were quite effective”
“It is also true that there were issues that led to the disbanding of such groups such as unnecessary loyalty and misuse of power”
The Labour Party chair ,however cautioned that the  State Police should not further divide us as nation because a Yoruba person should  be able to serve in Enugu while an Igbo person should be able to serve in Zamfara without any fear. 
Accountability on the part of the leadership of this great nation  is what need to be done to solve some of our problems”he noted.
In addition, Dr Omotosho said in order to win the insurgency challenge in the country,the federal government should take urgent steps to recover the border security.
“The major culprit in  the recent security challenges has been infiltration.We have had people coming into the country who cannot  be traced.It has been an issue for years .The border towns in northern region of this country have become so embarrassingly porous, much so that, foreigners actually stroll into Nigeria from even surrounding countries”
“It amounts to an erosion of territorial integrity of this great country for this to continue to be the case. We can no longer have people who have taken up residence in this country who we do not know”



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