Ijaw Leader Condemns Military Invasion In Delta


By-Sunday Isuwa
Former president of Ijaw Youth Congress and secretary, Delta State
Advocacy Committee Against Oil Facility Vandalisation, Dr Chris Ekiyor
yesterday condemned the recent reported sacking of Ajakpa community in
Ese-Odo local government area of the state after the killing of a
notorious criminal, Ossy Ibori and 15 of his gang members while three
soldiers were reportedly killed and others wounded in the operation.

Speaking to journalists in Benin City, Ekiyor said the action by the
military was capable of eroding “the trust which we struggled to build
across the Niger Delta”

He described the military action as genocide and called on the federal
government to intervene.
“The community that have no income, they survive on fishing, they
have no road to that place, government have neglected them, there is
no portable water then you come and zero their lives, that is not
justice. It is destroying the trust which we struggled to build across
the Niger Delta
“While I completely agree that sabotaging oil facility is a criminal
act, but the pursuit of justice should be focused on the perpetuators
of those acts particularly in reference to taking care of the criminal
elements. Haven succeeded in the killing the said hoodlum and his
gang, what is expected would have been more of intelligence gathering
to sniff out some of these gang elements; to hurriedly go and burn an
entire community because a criminal is from there is unacceptable. ELANZANEWS



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