Igbo Student In Malaysia Volunteers To Help Douse Tension In Nigeria

An Igbo student in Malaysia, Iheanacho Ezeakor, has indicated his intention to suspend his academic programme and come back to Nigeria to assist in any way possible in dousing the problems in the country. “I wrote to my school that I am suspending my studies! I’m a software engineering student at the University of East London, Malaysia campus under FTMS international college. Though I graduated here in Malaysia from a different school as a digital designer.

“My reasons are that I am not relaxed and cannot concentrate on my studies due to the political and social unrest in my country, Nigeria, where I have many of my loved ones and family. I informed them that I would like to go back to offer my best as a peacemaker to help contribute in calming down the situation and tension. I have sleepless nights whenever I remember what I read and watch in the media about Nigerian civil war, stigma, fear, nightmare, etc.
“A voice from inside keeps telling me that I am of age, that I cannot just be here enjoying the hard work of other people who realised the importance of nation building and put in their best to make their country a paradise of peace and harmony despite their differences in tradition, culture, cuisine, language etc.

“Fellow Nigerians, I am preparing to come back home so that we all will join hands in putting the devil to shame. I mean no harm to anyone, ethnic group or to our dear government. I am Igbo; Igbos can agitate but please let us not over do things. I am begging the Igbos to calm down as well as the government to hold its peace. Let the government look into this problem as a father and handle it maturely to avert some hidden crises.

“I am, as well, begging other ethnic groups provoked as a result of this tension, to calm down. I wish to continue and finish my course in a Nigerian university or if the University of East London would find it peaceful and conducive to have their campus in this country. Please come all; let us make our nation beautiful and great again.”



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