I have empower more than 783 youths-Samuel Na Allah

By Marok Nuhu Haruna- Kaduna

An aspirant under the People Democratic Party of Nigeria PDP for Kaura Federal Constituency Hon. Samuel Na- Allah has call on the present administration of Muhammadu Buhari to look at security and create more job for the teeming unemployed youths not to focus more only on corruption. The Aspirant made the call in Kaduna this morning in an interview with Elanzanews. In his remark, he said the present administration has tried but need to intensify its effort to tackle the security challenge in the country. In an interview with Elanza News Hon. Samuel Na-Allah have this to say.

Sir may I meet you?

i m Samuel Na- Allah from Kaura Federal Constituency of Kaduna State I happened to be one of those that are contesting for House of Representative under my constituency and this is not my first time. I did that 2011,2015 and this is my third time and I m not giving up because I have something specific I want to do for my own community if giving the chance to represent at the National Level.

Sir, how can you describe today’s leadership of the present administration?

well, I want to be very objective here as a government they have tried. But too much emphasis is focus on corruption and significant areas are left untouched especially the aspect of security. However, security has been so loose and is the must disturbing issue now is this country many people have been killed and I think that is one of the major thing that each government that comes in will want to addressed so that they will protect the properties and the lives of human beings unfortunately what is happening is terrible now. Even the fight on corruption now seems not what we expected and of course they are trying. But what I m seeing here is a selective fight. People that have some skeleton in their cupboard they are running to APC to take cover to receive the protection of the government left for me if we are fighting corruption let it be seeing as holistic, fighting corruption without looking at the face of any body or where affiliation of any body might be let us be seeing fighting it holistically. Now if we keep talking about corruption and other aspect of the administration are left, there will be a problem and we are already having the problem now. I think they need to redirect their thinking unfortunately the four years are getting out on corruption nothing to show for the past four years.

From your wealth of experience in politics how can you describe the leadership role in your constituency?

The Federal Constituency of Kaura, is my own constituency I m proud of it and I m also proud of my member who is there, he has tried his best and for me is not for me to access but for the people to access.

But I m only good to talk on what I know I want to do for the people there is something on development the constituency is quite small I feel that whoever that is representing if he does well, we will be able to bring more development and we should be able to look at the youths very well because they are the immediate feature of our community we should be moderate to them because the social vices are on the increase more of them should get jobs and also to encourage them to have their own business where they will be a source of employment to others I want to look at that. I want to look at development, education and security. Security of the people is a key to any progress so security must be address I m very sad that the people who are contesting it seems only few youths seems to be contesting and the bill that is passed into law not too young to rule is there to encourage the youths but yet only few youths are out to contest.

Based on your last point on youths participation in leadership what do you think political parties should do to encourage the youths?

I feel if they can give women the form free, I think they should also give the youths the chance so that they can have the opportunity to contest. However, they should either make the form all across parties free or reduce it to a minimal amount that they can be able to afford so that they can be able to showcase their own leadership abilities. But I have a problem with the youths, the same youths gathering money and money they said they don’t have, bringing money together to buy form for the older politician buying form for some body running for governorship position and you said you don’t have money. You see, they youths are seems to be used they are not focused but permit me to say here that is not all the youths there are very good focus youths. But majority once money comes in they are divided they run for money they want to get quick riches and all that. They don’t want to do that sacrifice which some of us are doing I resign my work some eight years ago I had a very good job with the federal government I left that job that is part of the sacrifice I have suffered for almost eight years but I m not giving up because I have a focus so they youths must be focus to be ready to take any kind of pain to get what they want.

What are your challenges in copping with the present political train?
To be candid this money politics is a problem is hindering us the good leadership we ought to have therefore very good hand can not even contest even if you contest, at the point of primary election where delegate are used must times is for the higher bidder. But in my own constituency we have tried our best to educate our people never to reject the money must especially those who have been there, they could not use the money the ought to work for the people. Rather they want to use the money to buy them at electioneering period like this to buy them and once you have bought some thing is your own those. Those position must be seeing to be for the constituency and not for individuals. And therefore, the electorate with delegate and those that have the primary election to cast their vote must understand that the position does not belong to an individual it belong to every body and if giving the chance to go and vote, they must understand that they are only representing people they should do the will of their people. They are sent there because is not a general election like for me if it where like general election I will be sleeping now because I know that I have acceptability in my own constituency. But it did not just come because there where somethings we have done even while in service I left Dept Management Office eighth years ago while I was there I was able to trained seven hundred and eighty three youths on Computer Science at diploma level using my money. However, I utilized and sacrifice and my family have to suffer for me to be able to do that because my thinking was the development of the youths is critical to the development of our communities and they are the immediate leaders that will take over and if they give them good back ground then we will have hope in our communities. I was able to get admission for people, pay school fees for student in school and yet I was not thinking about politics. What brought me into politics was when I came into the leadership of my community as the National President I learn so much more than what I thought was the problems that was what brought me I knew even each month salary and took to the community it will be just like a drop of water in the sea. So i felt political position will give me ample opportunity for me to reach out and then do my best lobby to see how I can bring federal presence and good things to various communities for development.

What is your last word to the people that will vote you into power?

My last words is that delegates should come out and vote for the person your people are telling you to vote for vote for your conscience don’t vote for money if any body brings money take the money but give the vote to the right place where good leadership and where there is hope for tomorrow. Yes because is politics i m not supposed to sing my praise but politics is saying sing your praise that is why I m doing it but if you are to interview other people in my own constituency they will tell you and that is why i think generality of the people in my place are saying give Na- Allah a chance and that is why i believe strongly that I will not betray them by the grace of God I have a mind set when i go there I will make a whole difference I m prepared for it I call on all of them to give me a chance vote me and try me and see if I m just a story teller like other people thank you very much and God Bless you.



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