Hunters from Kano passing through where 26 people and villages razed with guns and blood socked on their clothes


In a volatile region like Southern Kaduna where their communities are under constant attack by blood sucking Fulani gunmen, it is disheartening reading from Sahara reporters a new fabricated lies that could cause another new round of conflict in the whole Northern part of Nigeria and not only Southern Kaduna.

If truly the acclaimed people where hunters from Kano state who have been to Nasarawa for hunting and are on their way back to Kano. Why should they use a route that is engulf with conflict with their hunting guns and blood socked on their clothes?

What criteria did the Police use in determining that they are hunters? Did they also have their games with them that they went hunting or are they returning back to Kano with only their guns and socked blooded clothes without the games they went hunting for?

Why should these hunters pass through a region that is under state of emergency with curfew been installed to curtail movement? Are the hunters not aware of the crisis in Southern Kaduna? Or is Kagoro road the only road for them to pass through to Kano?

It’s becoming disturbing with the conspiracy of the state government not been able to prosecute funali killers hunting humans and burning their communities and how the Kano State government are also deliberately trying to stir more conflict with a story that does not add up against the vigilante group of Southern Kaduna.

If truly the government is serious in securing Southern Kaduna, let these Vigilante groups become a Joint Civilian Task Force that will be constituted by the government so that they can work hand in hand with the security forces stationed in Southern Kaduna in securing and bring peace in their communities.



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