HOST communities of Nigeria Oil and Gas Producing areas (HOSTCOM),
has urged the federal government to approve 50 percent of oil blocs in
the Niger Delta region to oil and gas-bearing communities.

Speaking through the Urhobo ethnic nationality chapter of HOSTCOM, the
group also called on multinational oil companies to relocate to the
communities of their locations as demanded by the local content law.
The HOSTCOM chapter, in a statement by its chairman, Comrade Festus
Pemu said, “at present, none of the oil blocs is owned by an indigene
of oil producing communities.

There should be equity in the distribution of these oil blocs only one
part of the country should not be favoured. The Niger Delta, as the
goose that lays the golden eggs, deserves its fair share in the
distribution of the oil blocs.

In addition to this, we are calling for the immediate approval of
pipeline surveillance jobs to the communities to empower the people
whose resources have been used for the development of this country.
We are appealing to the federal government to commence the direct
payment of 15 percent derivation to the host communities and the
implementation of gas flare penalty levy as demanded by the
international law. ELANZANEWS. M



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