Group Urges Sule Lamido To Contest 2019 Presidential Election


Nigerians were task to wake up and plan for the future of Nigeria in
2019 general elections, to correct past mistakes for the betterment of
the country’s future, this was disclosed by Arch. Usman Yusuf PhD at
the conference organised by Nigerian Professionals Forum in Abuja.

Arch Yusuf, who is also the convener of the conference, said that, “We
are in a modern world where religious or tribal sentiment is no longer
a solution to any kind of political and economic problems, the only
way out is to think and work together, Nigeria is a multi-ethnic
country which have more than 350 ethnic groups, and all these ethnic
groups aspires leadership, we shall all forget our differences and
think of the leadership solution.” He said.

Also commenting at the conference, guest speaker Dr. Manzo Abubakar
said it is obvious for Nigerians to be independent and emulate other
multi ethnic countries like India, who aspire leadership without
sentiment, adding that although Nigeria is in economic crisis, it is
necessary for politicians to grab the wake up call and try as much as
they can to bring the crisis to an end.

Another participant who came from United state of America, Prof.
Godswill Iheanyichikwu Nnaji also said Nigerians economic crises is
man made and therefore it can be contained, “I am optimistic that
given a good trial by the politicians and citizens of this country,
things will be better. We have to look beyond oil as so as to save our
good country from mono economy. So, it become evidently clear that all
hands must be on deck, with positive thoughts to save Nigeria,” he
opined. He added that it is a mistake to rely on oil because whenever
it price goes down, the economy at the downstream will sure hit the



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