Glo’s Professor Johnbull Flays Poor Treatment Of Servant


Professor Johnbull, the prime time television drama series, sponsored
by Globacom, in this week’s episode turned attention to the poor
treatment of domestic and other staff by employers.

Viewers of the episode broadcast on Friday night also enjoyed the
performance of the legend, Chief Chika Okpala, aka Chief Zebrudaya
Okoroigwe Nwogbo, alias 430, who made a star appearance.

The episode opened with the erudite Professor Johnbull (Kanayo
Kanayo), obliging his servants with breakfast. But the scene quickly
switched to show Chief Zebrudaya’s wife dishing out dozens of
instructions to her domestic aid with machine-gun alacrity to
Zebrudaya’s consternation. Matters quickly degenerated to abuse. The
maid was subjected to physical and oral abuse by her ‘madam’.

And the plot unfolded further into more and more encounters with
different masters and different servants in different kinds of

The episode titled ‘Life Jacket’ drew out the emotions of viewers as
they beheld the good and the bad treatment to which domestic and
workshop servants are subjected to. ELANZANEWS.M



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