G20 Summit: China Set To Boost World Trade

The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China has resolved to support economic globalisation on the international community on several major international occasions such as the world economic forum in Davos, the Belt and Road Forum for International Corporation and G20 Summit.

The Economic and Commercial Counselor, Embassy of the People’s
Republic of China, Mr Zhao Linxiang, made this known in a press
statement on the China International Import Expo, yesterday, in Abuja.

He said that the decision to hold the China International Import Expo, is an action to implement China’s stand to support economic
globalisation as expressed by President Xi Jinping. Adding that the
Chinese Government has decided that the first China International
Import Expo will be held in Shanghai from November 5, 2018 to November 10, 2018, and that the Expo will not only provide new opportunities for countries around the world to expand export to China, but also create a platform for countries to engage in international trade and share business opportunities with each other.

Linxiang declared China’s readiness to welcome all over the world,
especially the African countries, to board the train of China’s
development, either for a fast ride or for a free ride. Products and services with strengths, characteristics and competitiveness, are bwelcome to enter China’s vast market with population of 1.3 billion.

” In the next five years, China is expected to import products and
services worth more than 10 trillion dollars. It is therefore our
hope through the holding of China International Import Expo, to keep promoting trade liberalisation and facilitation, make concerted efforts to make the cake of global trade bigger, give play to the leading role of economic and trade cooperation on the Belt and Road Initiative, make good use of the driving role of international trade on growth of world economy and contribute to a more vigorous, inclusive and sustainable economic globalisation, he stressed.

China and Nigeria have complementary advantages in many sections which offer great potential for cooperation. For years, Nigeria has continued to be China’s largest trading partner in Africa. It is therefore believed that this upcoming China International Import Expo, will breathe new life into bilateral trade cooperation and create the biggest opportunity to enhance the bilateral trade position into a new level. It is also believed that it will give Nigerian people and business men a great platform to show what Nigeria looks like to China and the rest of the world.



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