‘Feed Nigeria Summit To Enhance Agricultural Productivity


As part of efforts to promote economic recovery through the
agriculture sector, chief executive officer, AgroNigeria, Mr.
Richard-Mark Mbaram, has disclosed that Feed Nigeria Summit will
enhance agricultural productivity and boost the economy across the

The summit, organized by AgroNigeria with the theme, “Feed Nigeria to
Feed Africa,” slated for April 6 and 7, 2017 at the Intercontinental
Hotel, Lagos, seeks a homegrown, private sector-inspired solution
provision for the numerous problems facing the agricultural sector in
the country.

Mbaram, who doubles as director-general of Feed Nigeria Summit stated
this at a press conference in Lagos, said the programme will address
key national agricultural productivity issues such as storage
facilities, finance, access to market, research, infrastructure,
mechanization, farm inputs and information and communication
technology (ICT), while guaranteeing a mainstreaming of gender and
other related issues.
Speaking on the Homegrown School Feeding Programme (HSFP) as a driving
force to enhancing agricultural productivity, he said there is need to
bring the private sector into it to ensure its sustainability, adding
that the HSFP has profound impact on productivity from agriculture
perspective and develop the scale of the rest of the economy.
He added: “Here in Nigeria, we are advocating that we need to invest
some money into the economy during this recession and we have
identified the HSFP as a major means by which you carry over stimulus
to the economy. We are looking to spend N300 billion in the space of
13 months and we are insisting, from agriculture perspective, that it
is only through agriculture that you can truly turnaround the Nigerian
economy out of recession and back on track in terms of productivity.

“If you are looking at agriculture and you are looking to spend N300
billion within 13 months on feeding children in schools, we are saying
the concept of homegrown within the school feeding programme, we are
supporting that we should source some food from local producers and we
are insisting not to source the food from local market but from
farmers directly producing for that purpose. That is why we are
putting the HSFP at the fore front of this event,” he added.

According to him, some key policy issues would be addressed during the
summit, which will have positive effect on farmers at the end of the
day. He added that a farmer may be far removed from a policy, which
makes no sense to him but that people who are educated and enlightened
are taking such issue up at the summit in order to address the
challenges facing farmers. ELANZANEWS.M



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