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Good day, Ladies and Gentle men of the press.

The Akurmi Nation are predominantly found in Lere Local Government with a large number of us settling in part of Kauru, Kubau, Kano, Bauchi, Plateau. We are known for our rich culture, traditions and history; as an agrarian society, we also contribute enormously to the economic growth of Nigeria. The Akurmi man is known for his accommodation and tolerance for both our neighbors and strangers. In fact, it is because of our hospitality that Saminaka accommodates peoples of diverse identity coming from all over the country.

Ladies and Gentlemen, on the 22nd March, 2017, the peace loving people of Akurmi nation were thrown into confusion as men of the Nigeria Police invited, arrested and imprisoned our beloved Chief, His Royal Highness Dr. Ishaku Sabo Damina JP, B’gwan Kurmi, on allegations that we find at best mischievous.

It will interest you to know that since the emergence of B’gwan Kurmi over the past ten years, the Akurmi nation and others within his domain have enjoyed enduring peace and stability. His peace-building capacity has been on display in amicably preventing, managing and resolving disputes. In his track-record as a professional and traditional ruler, portray him as a law-abiding and peace-loving man.

It beats our imagination that an ambassador of peace with a clean record will be charged for criminal conspiracy, assault and abduction by the Kaduna State Government. Ladies and gentlemen, how can a man who complemented the effort of the government in curbing insecurity by facilitating the arrest of the most wanted kidnapper in Kaduna and Kano, be accused of criminal conspiracy, assault and abduction? Is it a crime to facilitate the arrest and handover a wanted criminal to a task force set by the government? or is it because the criminal is a Fulani man? Has it become a crime for a traditional ruler to work closely with security agencies in curbing kidnapping in his domain? Is the persecution an on-going ploy to give a dog a bad name to hang it, because of his insistence on our cultural affinity with the southern Kaduna and middle-belt indigenious nation? Is there a ploy to replace our Chief  because of his patriotism in protecting our lands, culture, tradition and history? This and more questions begs for answers, and the government is on the best position to answer this questions.

In view of the foregoing we demand:

1. The unconditional release of our paramount ruler, HRH Dr. Ishaku S. Damina in line with his fundamental human rights.

2. An unreserved apology by the state government to both our chief and the Akurmi nation for desecrating our traditional institution in total contradiction of the United Nations Declaration on the Right of the Indigenous People (UNDRIPS, 2007).

3. We understand that the matter is presently in court, we therefore call on the judiciary as the last hope of the common man to ensure the trial of our dear chief is free and fair.

In conclusion, we hereby call on all abiding and peace loving Akurmi people to remain calm and should not take the laws into their hands, as we will take all lawful approach to address the issue.

1. Gideon Goma Adawa    _________________

2. David Ayuba Azzaman  _________________

3. Mathew Gambo    _________________

4. Yusuf I. Goje    _________________

5. Jonathan S. Umaya  _________________

6. Luka Yakubu Kerau    _________________

7. Joel A. Yohanna    _________________

8. Ayuba Ladan D.    _________________

9. Ushou Smith Adawa  _________________

10. Suleiman Samson    _________________



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